Technology plays a huge role in how businesses run today. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, in particular, has greatly grown in use over the last decade. And it makes sense, as it has a wide range of uses. Let’s take a look at how AI has been used in various industries.

Retail Companies

Retail companies have taken advantage of AI usage both online and in-store. Large retailers such as Amazon and Walmart use algorithms to learn about customers and their preferences. Every time they go to their website there’s a section of recommended items for them to look at, even if they don’t have an account associated with them. 

Retailers also use AI to help with customer service. While call centers and email are still a thing, they tend to take a while to reach a representative. With AI chatbots, retailers have another method to answer any questions a customer has. 

Airline Companies

Airline companies have increased their AI adoption efforts over the past several years. Facial recognition is a popular AI application being used among airliners. Facial recognition technology is being used to identify customers and match them with their bags. Delta Airlines in particular invested over $600 thousand dollars on four of these kiosks alone.

AI Airline revenue management is another thing being adopted by airlines. With airlines receiving many different streams of income, it’s important to know what to do with it all. Instead of hiring a bunch of workers to manually figure it out, the software does it all for them. As a result, the software saves airlines more money in the long run.

Smartphone Companies

AI plays a huge role in smartphones and is probably the most widely used example of AI at the consumer level. From Apple to Google, just about every smartphone has a digital assistant. These assistants give us directions, answer questions, and so much more. Instead of tapping the app and entering the information manually, this is all automated by telling the digital assistant what you want to do. 

As you continue to use your digital assistant it will learn to know more about you. As a result, it will start to make generalizations. If you always go to one restaurant for lunch it will recommend if you need directions to that restaurant. The AI in these digital assistants learn to know all about you based on what you’ve done in the past.

Automobile Companies

Although you may not see much of it from a consumer standpoint as of yet, automobile companies are using AI to improve a variety of things, albeit at a slower pace. Many companies such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota have all put out self-parking cars within the past few years. Again, AI is growing at a slower pace but big things are on the horizon.

Healthcare Companies

The healthcare industry has a long history of AI. As a result, AI has been used to automate processes across the board in the healthcare industry. From receptionists to surgeons, all have been benefited by AI in some way. 

AI robots have been used to assist healthcare workers. Notable, they assist surgeons while operating. Robots have also been used to diagnose patients with a variety of illnesses and cancers. The algorithms in these robots are immune to human error, leading to more accurate diagnoses. 

AI has benefitted workers and consumers alike for a while now and will only continue to benefit us in the future.