Since the platter spins inside the hard disk, it is quite normal to produce sounds like a buzz. But, do you hear a strange noise from the HDD that makes you confused? Perhaps, it is the clicking noise that is indicating the expiry of your hard drive! In this post, we will briefly discuss HDD clicking noise and possible ways to fix the issue. Enjoy!

What is the click of death?

If you ever experienced a damaged hard disk, you likely heard the noise as well. The noise is a prior signal of the end of your HDD. Click of Death, also known as COD is simply a sound that can be heard from a dying hard disk. A drive generates the noise if any abnormality occurs inside the drive. For instance, users frequently hear the noise due to any defect in the head, arm, or the actuator of the drive. COD is a serious hard drive issue that is relevant to sudden data loss.

What causes the click of death?

COD is a common but horrible defect of a hard drive that can be easily diagnosed by recovery experts. But, you should know the common contentions of hard drive clicking as a regular user. It may happen for several reasons as follows.

  • In some cases, the platter is found to be defective which compels the platter dangling back and forth motion, and thus the sound produces.
  • Anatomical damage is also responsible for the noise. It occurs due to accidental hits, drops, or water leakage.
  • Due to such physical damages, the read/write heads can miss out on the right alignment and cause the noise.
  • Like all other machines, a hard drive has a life span as well. Chances are your HDD is too old and the actuator arm has been worn out. 
  • Power surges and electrical issues also seemed to be relevant to such issues.
  • Sometimes, you find no source of the noise because it happens due to manufacturing fault; even the drive is brand new.

Is hard drive clicking normal?

A moving device like a hard disk will plainly generate some noise. Hard disks produce a gentle humming noise in general which is normal. But, clicking noise is far different than the regular noise which is not considered normal. That’s why you should immediately back up all essential data if you experience the same scenario. 

Can I fix it?

Either you can fix it or not, the first thing you need to do is to keep your data secured from the clicking hard drive. Now, what about the fixing? It’s like a win-win. The chance of fixing depends on the type and level of damage. It also relies on if the hard drive is bootable or not. Better, you can contact a professional in case of confusion.

How to fix it?

Fixing a clicking hard drive is not a joke. You have to be careful like an elephant so that you don’t lose important data and make the damage worse. Follow these easy steps to fix a clicking HDD at home.

  1. The first step is to identify the actual cause of the noise. Note that proper identification is extremely crucial because the drive needs to be treated in the right way. Be 100% or leave it.
  2. Fortunately, there is some good software to diagnose the reason and recover the hard drive. In our experience, free and dodgy software won’t work in most cases. You can buy a professional tool for the best outcome if you have a budget for it. 
  3. Hard drives mostly create clicking noise due to physical damage. Fixing such damage will require opening the drive. But, we discourage doing it if you don’t have sufficient electrical and mechanical knowledge. If you are an expert, then you can easily diagnose the issue. If you find damaged internal parts like broken read/write heads, replacing them should fix the issue immediately.

“Noise of death” is a serious HDD issue that you should care about. There are several reasons behind the noise that needs to be recognized and treated perfectly. If you don’t want to mislay your crucial data, contact an HDD recovery expert without delay.