Undoubtedly, the most popular streaming platform in the world is Netflix. It is the main reason because of which the popular streaming platform becomes the target for hackers. They enjoy watching movies and TV shows while making others pay the bill for their activity.  

In many cases, the hackers would change the password and nothing else. However, the most common activity that is ideal for the hacker is changing the email address related to the account to gain a complete advantage over the whole thing.

Irrespective of any method, there are some ways to deal with a hacker’s attack. In this article, the necessary information regarding how to defend yourself will be described, VPN’s role in preventing hacking attacks and getting your account back.

How Does Netflix Accounts Get Hacked?

For cybercriminals, it is child’s play for them to hack into Netflix. They are aware of hacking passwords related to Netflix within just a few minutes. Hackers use a “phishing” technique referred to as a specific kind of cyber-intrusion. 

If you would not have a solution related to phishing protection, you would probably receive a text message or a fake email, pretending it is from Netflix. It provides the user with a specific link that will direct you to the Netflix page’s login account.

In reality, the hackers will send a fake login page of Netflix Accounts to the user. They will mainly look to gain the login hack associated with Netflix. These hackers are experts in hacking accounts without wasting any time. 

If any user typed in their account details, including a password on the computer, these cybercriminals would get all the necessary information. Then they are going to use these credentials for connecting with a Netflix account. This is the primary way hackers develop smart capability in snatching essential details to use Netflix.

Once these hackers obtain the users’ essential information, they would not find a problem in quickly logging into the user’s account using a specific streaming device like laptop, television, mobile, or tab.

There are numerous accounts of Netflix that have become victims of such attacks carried out from hackers who would grab any opportunity presented to them. 

What Actions And Precautions are Necessary To Take?

Some of the precautions and actions that are necessary to take includes:

  • Do not click on any email that resembles a ‘Netflix scam’ or any text for visiting Netflix’s website. It is advisable to utilize a web address bar for writing URLs in it. The fake URLs are never safe for any user and never use the details related to debit/credit cards for signing up to acquire a free Netflix trial hack.
  • It is recommended to any user that they must never download an attachment from a clearly suspicious email. Someone would surely be on a lookout in hacking into this particular source.
  • If you need to stream Netflix on a television at any place outside your house, then make sure it must be disconnected before leaving the place to prevent misuse.
  • You need to change the password of your Netflix account. You can create a new Netflix Account to save it from hacking and not make the same mistake again. 

What Is The Stand Of Netflix On All This?

Netflix is quite aware of the cyberattacks that take place. Since such incidents occur because of the users as they increase vulnerability for themselves while they handle their accounts of Netflix. As a result, Netflix cannot do much. The points below are essential to study the position of Netflix on incidents of hacking:

  • Netflix has urged customers to contact them related to phishing incidents immediately. They are ready to provide a quick solution related to this incident.
  • Netflix has a dedicated page consisting of a set of instructions by guiding people to what needs to be done if any user’s account gets hacked.
  • The financial information is not displayed on Netflix like the debit/credit card numbers even to users, which helps in thwarting any hackers’ attempts in hacking Netflix accounts.
  • Many cybersecurity experts suggest that Netflix must have two-factor authentication features, just like it is seen in Facebook and Google.

Keep Your Account Safe Through a VPN

The best option for you in making sure that no one else takes control of your Netflix account is making it entirely secure from day one. In this regard, the best option is using a VPN. It can easily protect your data from hacking.

Using a VPN can make it relatively more challenging for hackers to track your activity around the web. It is the most appropriate prevention measure that the user can take.

From the extensive testing, ExpressVPN Netflix is the most reliable option because it provides an efficient level of encryption and security. Furthermore, the provider has several international servers, consisting of high security and excellent connection speed.


No network is safe in the present dynamic digital world. Digital giants such as Netflix experience massive attacks from cybercriminals who are experts in hacking accounts.

A massive awareness program that also includes the usage of a VPN is the need of an hour for the users to save their critical and sensitive information from hackers. Lastly, the end-users need to remain careful while looking forward to spending their time on the Netflix streaming platform.