Aging is a complicated nut to digest. While playing with Lego boxes, building towns and cities with our soft hands and softer fingers might sound a lot like last year, but it definitely has been almost a decade since the last time we picked up a box full of Legos, and we are hopeful to speak for a lot of you reading this! We have shifted away from the box full of plastic dreams to the world of infinite opportunities, expanding our thoughts beyond notions of man-made borders and made safe landing on the world of Minecraft.

If you don’t know what Minecraft is, here’s a 101 just for you: It is a game that allows you to build your own world, brick by brick, however you imagine it to be. So, you get to construct a building and proceed to build a whole town with apartments and shops and roads then proceed to build your own city and so on! Minecraft has options of both single and multi-player gameplay and it runs on the number of slots purchased. Therefore, each player in Minecraft world embodies a slot and with greater slots purchased, you can showcase your creative world to more players. One of the most popular variations of Minecraft is the Hunger Games, also known as Survival Games. Players compete against each other, trying to be the last one standing. Here is a good list of the best Minecraft Servers list.

The world of Minecraft is oddly very popular. Beginning of 2016 saw 1 million people playing the game at the same time, and this statistic can easily offer an idea of the strength required to play this game online. Usually, servers with a minimum power of 1GB RAM to run ten slots are recommended for users. Then there are different add-ons and customized Control Panels to personalize the users’ world even better. All of this requires you to trust on a good and reliable server. This is where we pitch in with GGServers.


GGServers, a Canadian-based game server company ventured out in mid-2013, operating under Initially starting off with Vanilla Minecraft hosting, GGServersexpanded their services to house several modifications and plugins that are generally used within the Minecraft community. Why GGServers and no one else, you ask? 3 reasons!

  1. James Copeland, CEO of GGServers believes that “affordable” should not be synonymous to “low quality”. While gamers do not want to bust their bank accounts for their gaming experience, they still expect a standard to be maintained at all times. Utilizing the void of good quality and cheap servers, the company started renting out servers from eight different locations around the globe, with roughly 12,000 servers being online at any given time. This goes without mentioning their efforts of hosting services from data centers in Montreal, Paris, Chicago, LA, Kansas, Vegas and Prague.
  2. GGServersprovides long-term contracts for hardware purchase. If you still want to keep them costs flowing low, GGServers also allow you the opportunity to lease out their hardware in bulk. So you have expensive equipments in one hand, and the other is filled with the reliable yet affordable GGServers. Interesting about this company is the value proposition they make: So you can invite your 3 of your friends to play along on your server for free,with an entire 32,768MB RAM (hosting 400 players) for only a charge of $85 per month – now that’s an offer!
  3. GGServers is really concerned about the service they provide, unlike all other service providers, which lead to the company having a 24/7 support for their customers; it can be a network issue, hardware issue or anything involving the world of Minecraft, they will have you covered.


GGServers’ everlong struggle to strike the perfect balance between quality and affordability is enhanced with their addition of server and web hosting from May 2016, operating under Staffed with 20+ employees working relentlessly to serve 200,000 clients in over 90 countries, this team is never the one to bow out. Take my word for it. This is it.