Researchers predict that by 2018, more than 160 million people all over the world will play mobile games. Only in 2013, the number of mobile game players was over 63 million. The statistics show how popular this type of gambling is.

With the rapid development of new technologies, the mobile gambling companies can become leaders in the gambling industry. There are three main companies: Playtech, Microgaming, and Net Entertainment. People, who are happy to play their games, can expect from these companies the following:

Top 3 Mobile Gambling Giants

1. Playtech

The largest software developer has recently acquired Yoyo Games. Its technology helps to develop indie games like Hotline Miami. Over the years, the company’s name Playtech has become synonymous with the cool animation and graphics, incredible sound, convenient navigation in the interface and gameplay on all smartphone platforms.

2. Microgaming

They have already developed a virtual 3D slot for Oculus Rift (video) and a solution for real-time bets with the augmented reality in Google Glass. The company now has a selection of more than 1000 games, delivering software to many casino brands around the world.

3. Net.Entertainment

All casino entertainment developed by the company for smartphones and tablets are part of the Netent Touch family. This product is very suitable for devices with touch displays because all control is by touching your finger. Today, most Net Entertainment casinos offer Netent Touch games, and when launching a new slot, its version for touchscreen devices comes out. The classic popular games were constantly changed. Players most appreciate board gambling, pushing the company to launch new developments – touchscreen versions of roulette, blackjack. Find more developers on Pokiesmania.

New Technologies in Mobile Gambling

Nearly everyone spends a good deal of time (3 hours per day on average) using a smartphone or tablet for the sole reason that these gadgets are utterly convenient. They are mobile, meaning that you can go with them anywhere, anytime. They can be used for countless tasks apart from just communicating. The average user checks on his smartphone up to 200 times a day, probably to check date and time, post a status on either of the many social media sites, undertake some calculations, check out the latest news, listen to music or search for something on the Internet among other tasks. With such conveniences and top speeds in accessing mobile gambling platforms, it is only fair that online casino gaming shifts from personal computers to mobile.

1. Apps for wearable technology devices

Wearable technology is the biggest thing in the tech world at the moment, with devices like the iGlasses, Google Glass and the Apple Watch presenting the brightest of possibilities for the future of apps. These wearable technologies are all in their infancy and still used by the most tech crazy and gadget-loving consumers but this fact will change in the future as more apps and games optimized for wearable devices and their user-friendliness improves.

2. Beacon technology

Expanding beacon technology brings some potentially powerful possibilities for online casinos in regards to marketing their services and promotions to casino app users. For those, who do not know, beacon technology is a kind of Bluetooth device that works in a similar way to the location service installed on your smartphone or tablet.

3. Security for downloadable apps

In 2015 more than 75% of all mobile apps failed the basic security tests. The developers are more concerned with the app’s functionality than its security. This is going to change with the new technologies for mobile application safety. This holds great potential for the future of gambling apps, helping to ease the concerns of any online user when it comes to handing out personal financial information to vendors.

Although the future cloaks in mystery with certainty about anything almost impossible, the probability is that mobile gambling will replace the browser-based gambling in the near future.