The uncertainties and instability of freelancing work usually make the experience exciting and dynamic. However, if you are not properly organised as a freelancer, you may find that your ability to consistently deliver quality work to your clients is compromised. Although freelancers usually take on their assignments alone, it can be helpful to look for help from automation.

Automation is transforming many different fields faster than most can keep up with it and freelancing is no exception. If you are keen on boosting your freelancing aptitude, then automation can make you more productive, organised and free up your time for higher-level tasks. Accounting software for freelancers can also make keeping track of payments and expenses easier than ever before.

If this sounds good to you, let’s look at some processes that freelancers need to think about automating in 2020.

Avoid Lost Revenue With Invoicing Automation

Accounting software and other digital tools help immensely with organising your invoices as a freelancer. By setting up a system to fire out reminders to those who have not paid you by the due date, you will be able to ensure that all of the revenue you have worked for will eventually find its way into your bank account.

These automation processes are also capable of helpfully calculating interest rate payments on outstanding amounts that go past a deadline. While most of your customers will hopefully pay you after an initial reminder email, it is nice to know that all of these details can be taken care of automatically by modern software.

Boost Productivity With Time Tracking

One of the most valuable commodities in a freelancer’s life is time. Being able to manage your time wisely will allow you to take on more work to make more money or, if you choose, to have more time to spend balancing your life outside of work. 

Regardless of where you spend your extra time, every freelancer will benefit from using time tracking apps that keep an eye on how long you have been working for a particular client. If you charge clients an hourly rate, then this is especially important, just be sure that you are working diligently to avoid overcharging your client.

These apps are good for getting a better sense of how much time you are putting into different projects for the same client or for spreading out your time evenly across clients. Any tool that can bump up the organisation of a freelance lifestyle is worth exploring.

Social Media And Email Automation

Many freelancers have yet to explore the power of social media and email campaigns for finding new clients and leads. By building an email list and setting it up to automatically distribute scheduled messages, you can stay in contact with existing and prospective clients to ensure that you always have a steady supply of work on the go.

Social media scheduling and automation will similarly boost your profile in the digital space. By marketing yourself effectively, with minimal effort thanks to automation, you will be able to showcase your skills and satisfied clients to attract more lucrative work in the future.

Keep An Eye Out For More Developments

These are only a taste of the many promising automation developments that will benefit freelancers in 2020. If you want to be ahead of the game and get an edge as a freelancer, it is worth exploring some of these opportunities in more detail. You can expect that the trend towards automation will only make the freelancing lifestyle more appealing and popular as time goes on.