As the demand for online e-commerce has continued to rise, the number of people spending has increased dramatically over the course of the last year. But with so many new currencies emerging and people looking to spend their earnings online, the need for e-commerce platforms providing a unique purchasing experience has increased dramatically, but how can this impact the future of e-commerce?

Tesla, Microsoft and PayPal All Accept Cryptocurrency 

One of the biggest changes in the cryptocurrency industry over the last ten years has been the adoption of the currency into the world of traditional finance and shopping. With several of the leading companies across the globe now all accepting cryptocurrency as a way of making payments, the use of cryptocurrency to pay for everyday items is becoming more and more popular. Whilst this is hugely beneficial for the community, this has also presented several benefits for smaller businesses that have adopted cryptocurrency as a form of payment and have experienced unprecedented growth with their online audiences. 

Amazon And The Future Of E-commerce 

In addition to the adoption by smaller businesses and larger platforms such as Tesla, Amazon have also begun to accept the currency across their platforms. This is a huge step in the right direction for the industry as Amazon and several affiliate websites have continued to expand their product ranges to those solely investing in some form of cryptocurrency. With this change to online currency, there has also been a development in the number of platforms that allow for customers to purchase items with cryptocurrency across all their platforms. 

CryptoCart And Customer Rewards 

As many businesses have continued to take advantage of the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, there are platforms such as CryptoCart that have continued to push the boundaries of online shopping and the rewards that customers can gain from using these e-commerce platforms. With CryptoCart users are encouraged to continue to spend their cryptocurrency on items through the platform. This not only does improve the value of the native CC Token, but it also increases the sense of community and the opportunities for not only customers but vendors as the platform expands. But how does it work?

The Native CC Token And CryptoCart Platform

The CC Token is the native currency of the platform and is built on an Ethereum blockchain using an ERC20 Smart contract. With the ability to bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and the native currency, the CC Token offers several rewards for those that are looking to invest in this platform. With discounts on shipping as well as a points system for discounts on items when you continue to shop with them, there are several incentives that make this platform a great investment not only in terms of the value of the token but the capabilities of the platform as a whole. 

Should you decide that CryptoCart is a platform that you want to invest in you can invest in the CC Token from platforms such as Uniswap and MetaMask.