Casinos have changed and evolved so much over the years. Even from the original brick-and-mortar establishments which were considered dingy and had a limited number of tables and machines, we now have mega-resorts, catering to all our needs, not just gaming. As technology advanced, the advent of the internet saw online casinos, which have become more convenient in the 21st century, meeting our needs on a greater scale. If you prefer online casinos, why don’t you check out the latest Betfair casino promotions? As humans, we are open to change but are more than happy to do daily things that are quick, cheap and comfortable – which can all be applied to online casinos. But as technology advances further, what can we expect from the future of casinos? Here are a few of the trends we predict.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality already exists within the gaming industry – with Sony (PlayStation) and Samsung both releasing their headsets and bundle packages. Surely, it won’t be long then before we see VR used in casinos and not just people’s living rooms? Casinos are quick to snap up new and additional entertainment, so VR must be the next step. Imagine immersing yourself in a virtual horserace and betting on the outcome, or even winning a virtual Slots game and seeing your winnings shower you – it sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Robotic Croupiers

First, we had real-life croupiers at brick-and-mortar casinos, then we had virtual croupiers in online casinos and then we had real-life croupiers in the live version of online casino. The next step then must be robotic croupiers. A Hong Kong technology firm has already built the first robotic prototype and Min, as she is known, has already been introduced to casinos in both Macau and the USA. While Min is just a prototype and there’s a long way to go in building and programming such robots, they are made as an improvement to human’s actions. The ideal robotic croupier will be able to shuffle and deal cards, run games, interact with players and detect cheating… so not much!

Skill-Based Games

Even the most ardent of casino fans will admit that change is good, that variations of popular games and the introduction of new games is needed. For Millennials, the ‘traditional’ casino just doesn’t cut it. Skill-based challenges are a lot more entertaining and fun – just take a look at popular mobile phone games Candy Crush and Pokemon Go. The same way we saw standard Slots games transfer to the competitive market, by way of tournament Slots, the next step must be involving an element of skill to the game, even if it’s via the bonus game. 

Additionally, eSports is growing and surely it won’t be long before we see dedicated areas of casinos set up to host such events. We already see them online, with people even willing to stream the action. For those not in the know, an eSports tournament sees professional (or very good and competitive) gamers battle it out in live gaming sessions, to win a cash prize. Spectators will watch and even bet on the action.

What do you make of these predictions? Is there anything else you’d like to see in the casinos of the future?