The fashion industry as we know it is about to be disrupted by new apps and platforms that successfully replace agencies and bookers. Finding experienced photographers, models and content creators in the niche has never been easier than today. With simple and intuitive interfaces, these apps and platforms offer a new perspective for both fashion clients and workers. But let’s find out more about recent disruptions, below.

A single interface for both models and clients

Smart technologies and solutions have been cheerfully received by both models and fashion clients. Instead of collaborating with fashion agencies, both have now the opportunity to find each other without intermediaries through intuitive and user-friendly platforms. Both clients and models can use designated categories like fashion models, bikini models, fitness models, plus size models, etc., to get themselves featured in or to find the needed specialization.

Much like Uber, clients can book through platforms models, depending on their needs, say the professionals at The H Hub. All aspects of the booking can be easily managed through the platform, the whole process being streamlined for both types of users.

Both clients and models can make informed decisions and choose who they collaborate with. With a clear idea of the total number of followers of each model featured on the platform, clients can make an easier decision to which model to collaborate.

Extra safety for models and photographers

While client satisfaction and safety are a major concern for the creators and owners of similar platforms and apps, models’ and photographers’ safety are equally important. Some apps and platforms do a detailed background check on clients enrolled on the platform and permanently ban registered sex offenders and criminals. These companies also have legitimate means to verify how reliable companies enrolled with them are.


Usually, modelling agencies can charge both models and clients as much as 30% of the fees. This is an enormous loss on both ends. However, legitimate platforms and apps developed for this reason don’t have any fees associated with their services. Others have low fees that are usually not noticed too much on either part.

For better outcomes, many clients are demanded to write an accurate description of the job, this way, models know exactly what to expect from it. In some cases, shootings involve semi-nude sessions and lingerie sessions. Not all models are down for similar jobs.

Clients can easily search based on location or even style they want to find in certain models. However, previous to the recent technological disruptions, such perks were difficult to find.

Thanks to technology, models and photographers have now a place where to showcase their look and experience and skill. Clients, on the other hand, can enjoy a streamlined and facile selection process, depending on each job’s specifics. Technology is certainly changing we interact with each other, how businesses interact with each other and their clients.

Thanks to tech and smart platform developers, all industries have become easier to interact with!