Despite popular opinion, retail is not dead. Not even close. Online sales are not as large as people boast about. If you go into any retail center near you, you’ll still see flocks of people. They’re not the problem. The businesses are the problem. They’re uncompetitive with themselves, and the online retailers alike. They’re stagnant, and now blaming their inaction on digital sales. This means there’s an opening for people like you who want to open a retail business. Let’s see what you need to get started.

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A Location

You can’t have a store without a location. You need to be careful about where you pick. A lack of foot traffic can spell doom for your business before you ever even start. Be wary of low-cost store space too. There’s likely a reason it is so cheap. You’re either looking at problems with the building or just a lack of people passing by. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings when observing potential locations. Listen to the noises in the street. Silence is a bad sign. It means there are no large groups of people around. One or two people may pass by, but not in the amount you want them to for a successful business. Find somewhere busy to set up shop.


Once you have your location, then you need your equipment. Start off with a point of sale system like ones sold through TallySoft. A point of sale system is essential for the obvious reason that you need to sell things. This system will make it simple and easy for handling transactions. Next you want to install a security system. If you can’t afford anything too sophisticated a CCTV system will be effective enough. If you want to go a bit further, get a system that detects unscanned barcodes. When an unscanned product leaves the store, there will be an alarm to alert you to potential shoplifters.


You need a supply chain set up before your doors open for business. If you cannot get the stock, you cannot be successful. Make sure you have stock coming from multiple places. If one supplier goes out of business or cannot supply you with items, the others should pick up the slack. You also need a checking system to keep on top of current supplies. A database should be kept to track what you have and what you don’t have. If you have too much of something, you need to stop ordering it until stocks deplete. If you are rapidly running out of one item, you need to know when you can get more before you run out.

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The oil of the retail machine. Depending on the size of the store you will need staff. If you are running a family business, a few younger family members needing experience and pay can help out. Once they move on, or your business expands, then you can start hiring from outside the family. Hiring processes have to be fair and adhere to all legislative regulations.

Turns out setting up retail is easier than you thought.