It is understandable that your DVD collection is a thing of pride for you. After all, you have spent years saving up those timeless classics and the modern gems in your collection. But, now you have Windows 10 on your computer, and playing DVDs has become more difficult than ever. It does not support your regular DVDs, and you are not ready to part with your collection yet. So, is it time to give up on those DVDs? Of course not! There are still some options that you can try out, and three of those options have been discussed below.

Windows DVD Player: more miss than hit

The first option you have is to download Windows Media Player from Microsoft stores. But, that does not solve most of the problems you face with playing DVDs on Windows 10.

First off, the app does not come cheap, and paying $15 feels like too much because the app is filled with glitches. It cannot play DVDs from other regions and it can’t decode your DVDs. There are also recurring Windows 10 update problems that users complain about. The users get a message that says Windows does not recognize the extension, and when they try to play it anyway, they get another message that the Media Player is unable to find the file. So, Windows Media Player is definitely not the way to go. Now, moving on!

5KPlayer by DearMob: A viable option

You can download the software from the website and Play DVD with 5KPlayer. It is quite a viable option because it comes with some really useful features and it is easy to use. After downloading the software, you can register with your name and email ID. You will get a registration code in your email, and using that will give you access to the app.

Talking about the features of this free software, there are quite a few that you will love. You can play DVDs from all the regions, including YouTube. You can stream videos from your iPhone as well thanks to the Apple AirPlay feature. All the settings and controls come up on the screen, and from here you can rotate the screen, add subtitles, or skip chapters, as you need.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum: The best option

Finally, you can opt for WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, which is by far the best one of the Top DVD players for Windows 10 in terms of ease of use and the number of features. 

This is basically a Windows DVD ripper that helps you digitize the DVDs to MP4 format to play them easily. Over seventy million users all over the world rely on this software, and here are some of the reasons for it:

  • You can rip all kinds of DVDs on WinX, old and new, and even the scratched ones that you thought are gone for good
  • The DVDs can be saved on your USB, hard drive, or computer to be player later without a DVD drive
  • You can rip DVDs with a range of encryptions, from CSS encryption, 99 titles, UOP, Sony ARccOS, regional codes, and the likes
  • It is super-fast because of the GPU acceleration that takes less than five minutes to rip a two hour long DVD to MP4
  • You can also do your editing work in here by cropping, cutting, merging videos, and extracting audios
  • You get to keep the quality intact as you transfer your DVDs to ISO images.

Steps to rip DVDs to MP4 with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum for Windows 10

You don’t need to be a tech wiz to rip DVDs to MP4 using WinX, and here are the steps to prove it:

  • Put the DVD in the drive and launch WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

  • Choose ‘MP4’ in the output profile

  • Click ‘Run’ to start the process

Depending on the size of your DVD file, it will take around five to seven minutes for the process to complete. 

So, now you know your options for playing DVDs on Windows 10. It’s time to start watching your favorites all over again, and maybe even add a couple of new DVDs to your collection!