When I received Dyson five years ago as a gift, I was really happy because I couldn’t afford as it costs in average $500-600. It was my cherished dream to have it. I looked at its description many times, and was keen to try working with this king of vacuums. First of all, I really enjoyed using it. Despite it looking slightly bulky and heavy, it performed its functions perfectly. However, it would be sometimes difficult to climb up the stairs with it if you have them at home.But come on, guys! It’s the best vacuum ever! I fell in love with it from the first sight, and nothing could change it.

After two years of using this vacuum, something happened, and it suddenly went nuts. I was not completely sure but assumed that it sucked up some large thing that disturbed its normal functioning. I couldn’t believe that $600 would be thrown into rubbish. I went to the workshop to ask if something can be done with it.

The owner of the workshop said that he doesn’t like Dyson because a lot of people bring it for repair. Actually, it was the most frequent visitor of the workshop. In his opinion, this brand was no more than a greatly advertised, and most people got hooked. They bought it because it was actively promoted, but not because it was the best vacuum cleaner available. This was a shock for me, but still, I couldn’t believe I stupidly got hooked. I paid $80 for repairing and my babe was ok again and ready to serve.

Our vacuum lasted for two years more. I was not sure if it was doing its job well, but I liked the design. Soon I faced the same problem again: it stopped working and became a wrong-place-and-wrong-time kind of thing. Easter was approaching, and I decided to do a spring-cleaning. I love cleaning, and I vacuum every day. The whole family gathered in our house, and you know what happens if there is a big company in the limited surroundings. I started cleaning two days before Easter and soon realized that my cleaner is dead.

So, I was ready to buy another vacuum cleaner, and I thought to choose from the same brand. However, I couldn’t afford to spend $600 before Easter. This forced me to start searching for a cheaper alternative. I was going to find something less expensive of the same quality.

I noticed that vacuum from another brand matched this description and the price was reasonable – around $200-250. In addition, I had a 20% discount in that shop. So, I made my choice. I was worried that such a low price would not guarantee good quality. When I came home, I was keen to try it immediately. Here I want to share the results of Dyson vs Shark competition.

First, I noticed that my new vacuum cleaner was lighter and more maneuverable. Dyson vs shark cordless vacuums are assumed to be more maneuverable than vacuums that have cords, but the ability to manoeuvre also depends on the weight. In this respect, dyson vs shark battle is won by the latter.

Second, dyson vs shark vacuum cleaning was totally different: I was shocked how much dust it sucks in!In the competition dyson vs shark for pet hair, the latter definitely won. I found the same feedback in dyson vs shark consumer reports.

After having my first experience with my new cleaner, I concluded that there was no need to vacuum every day with it. This is another benefit of my new vacuum cleaner in dyson vs shark comparison. Now my carpets look like I only installed them! This made me believe in Shark after several years of being devoted to another brand.

Third, I had another observation that added an extra point for my new vacuum in the dyson vs. shark dispute: the base of the latter is thinner thanthe one of the former. It can easily slide under furniture to clean the space there.

Fourth, dyson vs shark competition is useless when you try wonderful attachments to the latter for cleaning the wooden floor. I should say I don’t need wet cleaning after I clean the wooden floor at my home with it.

Fifth, the middle section of my Shark vacuum lifts away from the base so I can easily carry it or use attachments. So, when comparing dyson vs shark rotator lift away, I’m inclined to choose the latter.
Besides, dyson vs shark reviews confirmed my conclusions regarding this matter.

Sixth, I was really amazed by the lights on the front part of my Shark that helped me carefully watch what the vacuum sucks up. I loved this design, and I was confirmed one more time of making the right choice. So, dyson vs shark rocket: the score is 0:6!

Often, dyson vs shark vacuum reviews emphasize the similarity of these two vacuum cleaners. However, if I were the one who creates these descriptions, I would focus on the difference in price. For sure, if my Shark dies, I won’t be desperate because it didn’t cost me $600. I should say that I would not likely buy another Dyson because in the fight dyson vs shark 2018 the former definitely lost. Probably, dyson vs shark vacuum cleaners is a current dilemma for you. I hope that my experience will help you make the right choice based on dyson vs shark vacuums review. Furthermore, manufacturers of vacuums produce new models of Shark vacuum cleaners. Check the comparisons of dyson vs shark rotator, dyson vs shark stick vacuum or dyson vs shark navigator lift away to choose one.

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