By far the most essential cog in the ever spinning machine that is online casino gaming, apart from players, are the software providers. Without gaming companies making your favorite slots, video poker, table games and more there would not be an industry to speak of.

The rise of the online casino software developers began in the early 1990’s when the technology was finally getting ready. The internet was becoming more of a commodity than exclusivity, and several figureheads in the casino world sought the potential.

It wasn’t as easy as today however if we compare to two periods. For one, people back then were technologically impaired and did not trust the internet, let alone online casinos. Still, slowly but surely, casino software gained traction and soon more and more developers were introduced.

Over time many software developers would join the fray, offering a mix of popular genres and trying to innovate. Slots would always be relevant, though other games will have their renaissance. Better graphics, better games, better and easier options to play as well as mobile support.

Let’s have a look at the 10 biggest and most widely spread casino software providers in the world. You can use this guide to determine which has the best games which are most suited to your needs. Let’s begin.


By far the most recognizable name in the online casino market, Microgaming has been industry leader since forever. Microgaming has offered the first ever online casino software back in 1995 and has been consistently innovating the industry ever since.


They have one of the largest library of games with well over 600 titles. They are focused on pretty much every genre though slots are their forte. Speaking about slots, Microgaming has a large collection of progressive jackpot games which have some amazingly large cash rewards.

Microgaming’s design philosophy is to keep it simple yet to have enough flourish to attract the player’s attention. They have shifted their portfolio recently to include mostly mobile games and have been consistent at transferring them for iOS / Android platforms.

Microgaming software is also one of the first to showcase a live VR demo of their roulette game, making it the first casino software provider in the inevitable VR competition.

Real Time Gaming (RTG)

Another software provider from the golden age of casino gambling (i.e. the starting years), RTG or Real Time Gaming software debuted in 1998. RTG is also an industry standard thanks to a lot of great games being favored by players from all over the world.

RTG’s excellence hails from the time when casino software was downloaded – they had a huge library of casino titles, predominantly slots, which were easy to get in to. RTG still holds the tradition of offering very high quality games that feature advanced graphics and ton of bonus options.

Thanks to the abnormal growth of the mobile casino market, RTG software has also shifted its gaze and made the jump towards mobile. They employ HTML5 technology which allows for over 150 games to be played in a browser, no download needed.

Rival Software

With 10 years under its belt, Rival Software is no longer a newcomer in the online casino gaming industry. They have firmly established through their games as a dominant player, offering not short of highest quality games that are hard to rival (a little pun there) in design and visual fidelity.

Rival software has been operating on the online casino market since 2006. Their specialty lies in slots and table games. There are over 205 games to choose from and most are available on both desktop and mobile devices.

A huge advantage that Rival has over the competition is their allowance for US players who can claim bonuses and play games on supported casinos.


Founded in 1999, Playtech is a well renown and awarded online casino software provider. Thanks to their well rounded offer of games that number in the 500, the software has remained consistent throughout the years and is still one of the most favorite by the majority of modern players.

Playtech’s forte are slots and table games, though their video poker section isn’t too bad either. They have recently made the jump towards mobile games and have a amassed a large line up made up of their most sought after titles.

The software has won several rewards for outstanding games and performance, not to mention for trusted software and employing security standards.


Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment or Net Ent for short, is one of the biggest names in online casino gaming and for a very good reason. They are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to innovative ways to play and making players rich (thanks to huge jackpot rewards).

Net Ent are responsible for the first ever 3D slot (a trend that started a whole new chapter in slots creation) and are most famous for their high-end slots games.

They are also holders of a title from the Guinness World of Records for the highest ever jackpot payout in history.


Another great software developer who has been grinding on the mobile trend is BetSoft. They have an excellent library of casino titles, with slots being their predominant focus. Thanks to their amazing engine and technology they have created some of the most elaborate 3D online casino slots.

Their mobile portfolio consists of some excellent titles as well, which take full advantage of the mobile handheld functionality. If you want to play high-def casino games with that little extra in the form of mini games and bonuses then BetSoft is the way to go.


We cannot go about speaking about casino software and do not include IGT. The oldest, the biggest and most renown casino software for land based casinos has its own line up of online casino games. They have successfully ported most of their all time casino classics to the online casino market with great success.

They also include some of the biggest jackpots and progressives, and some of them are even linked to their brick and mortar counter parts (which is a truly unique). Bottom line, if you want the old school casino feel then you should definitely check out IGT’s games.



Another great example of a software provider that has remained consistent throughout the years, Aristocrat is a name well deserving its legacy. Their specialty is a mix of high-end graphics, excellent bonus options and some of the most amazing slot experiences for players to date.

Their games are most widely spread on casinos that offer amazing slots bonuses since Aristocrat slots are highly sought after, bonuses and jackpots non-withstanding.


A casino software provider that is catering to both pros and new players on the online casino market. Cryptologic software is easy to use and the games are fun yet very inviting. They have a good reputation amongst competitors and players alike for their excellent business practices and offer of games.

Cryptologic casino slots and other games have a trademark for being “simple yet hard to master” and this holds true even for their newer, mobile-only titles. The software itself is very widely used thanks to the built in languages support as well as the friendly user interface.


Last on our list is Parlay software and this is in no way an indication of this software’s standing in the industry. Quite the contrary – Parlay has been constantly improving their library and employing new and better technologies to present players with even more options for playing and winning.

Parlay has specialized in social games and has a wide range of integration with social platforms such as Facebook. They have been amongst the first to offer the HTMl5 integration across desktop and mobile OS’s and play in browser.