If you are not used to iPhone 11 Pro, you might conclude it’s an iPhone XS. But when you inspect the two phones well, you will spot the difference. Apple has modified the photography software. This is so to give photos a more natural look. The Night Mode has too changed the iPhone into a low-light picture device. Together with the Pixel 3’s Night Stand.

Be it as it may, Apple has gone further to change the camera fond to one. The changed font is known as SF Camera, which is evident in the control dials and mode names. The company has also made tweaks on the camera app viewfinder. It lets you see anything outside your frame using an ultra wide lens.

Above all, it’s not easy to identify changes and improvements made. This is because things like Night Mode ultra wide-angle are difficult to differentiate. But again, some of these features are not available on iPhone XS.


Fantastic Ultra wide-Angle

The first features you will notice about the newest iPhone are the three cameras at the back. These cameras are laid in a triangle, and it’s one way to isolate 11 Pro from the XS version. The well-articulated medicine capsule-shape dual-camera ray is another notable feature.

The new version comes with a 13mmultrawide lens. This feature will, no doubt, change the way you shoot photos. It is your go-to lens if you intend to take a photo in small spaces. Still, it’s handy when shooting videos. The XS version does not feature a new lens so, nothing to compare.

The Night Mode

Normally, iPhones have had strong and versatile cameras. Despite all these, they have had one downside, which is low-light photography. Low-light photos on the XS version are soft and a little blur (came out as paintings).

The Night Mode brightens images and reduces image noises. No so, all these are done automatically. The new iPhone fuses photos and thereby reducing motion blur. As a result, it brightens shadows. In summary, the 11 Pro versions are way much better than the XS version when taking photos using the Night Mode feature.

Smart HDR

Forget about the Night Mode or the Ultra wide-angle lens. Smart HDR is one feature that affects photos most. The XS uses the Smart HDR to modify photos look brighter by adjusting colours and exposure. Also, photos taken by the XS looks flat because the Smart HDR reduces the contrast.

Compared to the iPhone 11 Pro, this new feature has restored the beauty of Smart HDR. In general, photos are more natural. The XS phone shoots all photos in Smart HDR while iPhone 11 Pro shoots photos in three modes. All these modes are dictated by the phone itself. They include Night-Mode, Smart HDR, and Deep Fusion feature, which is yet to be released.

Portrait Modes and High Key Mono

The portrait modes on both phones seem equal. However, the 11 Pro lets you take photos at wider 1X or 2X. Still, it comes with a High Key Mono feature (a newly added feature) that simulates a white and black studio photo taken against the white background.

Modified Dynamic Range comes to 4k 60fps video on the 11 Pro

No doubt, the quality of video on XS is top-notch. The 11 Pro video doesn’t look different either. But the colours on the 11 Pro are less punchy than those on the XS version. The dynamic range on the XS is wide which helps to edge highlights from blowing out to white and shadows changing to black. The XS works on all resolutions and frame rates apart from 4K 60fps.

The new iPhone comes with an extended dynamic range for 4K 60fps.

Selfie Camera Ready for the Back of the Device

iPhone 11 Pro is the first phone in the Apple family that has all cameras at the same level both on the front and back. Both cameras can record 4K video and slow motion. Besides, they have 12-megapixel sensors.

The selfie video on the iPhone XS and the one on iPhone 11 Pro are different. Videos from the iPhone 11 Pro’s selfie camera is sharper with better colours than the one on XS.


The tweaks made on the iPhone 11 Pro has changed the value of photos and videos. It is worth considering the upgrade.