Given the fact that a large number of international enterprises now have headquarters or business presences in Singapore, it is not surprising that the region also boasts a substantial number of workers from across the globe. Because of the dizzying array of cultural, educational and other offerings available, Singapore is among the world’s most desirable places to relocate, and the following paragraphs help explain why.

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 1. Booming Economy: According to the 2015 Global Competitiveness Report, Singapore took the title of the second most prosperous economic environment in the world. 2016 witnessed 1.8 percent growth in Singapore’s economy, beating expectations. The economic power that resides in Singapore make it a terrific location for professionals who hail from all corners and industries.

 2. Wages And Income Levels: Because of the highly competitive nature of business in Singapore, those who work in the area earn wages that rank among the highest of all developed countries. Monthly wage medians are roughly $3,500 for software engineers (equivalent of $2,450 USD), and doctors have seen a median income of $6,000 per month ($4,200 in USD), facts which demonstrate the lucrative nature of working in Singapore. It is estimated that the overall median wage in Singapore will grow at a rate of 4.7 percent for 2017.

 3. Urban Surroundings: Those working in Singapore experience architecture and environments that are some of the most impressive to be found on the planet. The Colonnade, the Esplanade and countless other wonders are certain to impress even the most seasoned world traveler.

4. Comfort And Safety: The idea of relocating to a far-flung part of the globe is invariably unsettling in one way or another. However, Singapore’s reputation for safety and crime prevention is virtually unsurpassed. 2016 saw Singapore ranked number one by the EIU for overall levels of security and safety.

5. Schooling And Professional Development: There can be no doubt about the high standards and emphasis placed on education in Singapore. There are no fewer than six separate universities in Singapore, and the talent development initiatives are second to none. Established professionals can also take advantage of a full range of continuing education opportunities.

6. Entrepreneurial Spirit: Expats interested in starting business will discover that Singapore is an incredibly friendly environment. Incorporation processes are fast and straightforward, with many tasks easily accomplished online. Abundant resources exist to help entrepreneurs through the necessary steps.


7. Favorable Taxation: Businesses as well as workers find the tax system in Singapore to be favorable indeed. Individuals pay a progressive rate of tax, and corporate tax rates max out at just 17 percent. It’s one of the reasons many people want a Singaporean visa according to Immigration Solutions SG.

8. All Of Asia At The Doorstep: Situated near the southern portion of Malaysia, Singapore is the gateway to the broader continent of Asia. There are abundant and convenient transportation and communication resources on offer, including easy air access to Australia, Europe and the Americas.

9. Dining: The cuisine in Singapore is innovative, elegant and sure to please. Whether a small noodle shop or a world-renowned fine dining spot, the options open to foodies are innumerable.

10. Culture And Recreation: There is no shortage of recreational and entertainment opportunities in Singapore either. Theater productions, operas and the arts all take center stage for those interested in such pursuits. Nightlife is also plentiful, as are places to undertake a bit of physical exercise along the picturesque waters.

11. Professional Advancement: Diversity of corporate endeavor and professional opportunities are hallmarks of life in Singapore. As such, employees and employers of all levels and experience find Singapore to be a land of endless excitement, optimism and growth.