If you are keen on the world of sports, you must have heard about fantasy cricket already. The recent buzz related to the same might have evoked your interest as well especially if you love cricket. Winning prizes is an addition to it! 

If you have no clue about it, then we are here to help you understand how to create the perfect fantasy cricket team to win against your opponents. Trust us, it is not rocket science. All you need is time, patience, and the right strategies. Noone can beat you if you are passionate about it.  

What Is Fantasy Cricket?

Now let us start with the basic – what fantasy cricket really is. It is an online fantasy game where a user builds a virtual cricket team of eleven players from a future real-life game. Individuals can then score points based on how the chosen players are performing the games taking place. In order to win prize money or different leagues, the users must try hard to earn maximum points and score the highest on the leaderboard. 

Now you must be wondering how you can gain by building a cricket team and playing fantasy cricket. Just scroll down to know. 

Benefits of Playing Fantasy Cricket

Indians love to play fantasy cricket as we are passionate about the game. This game tests your know-how of cricket and also lets you spend your leisure time excellently. Especially during this pandemic, this is a great way to explore the game and kill time. According to Forbes India, fantasy cricket is becoming a craze by the day and the market has grown by leaps and bounds recently.

You will also get the opportunity to know more about the game. Fantasy cricket will provide you the right platform to showcase your talent and tactical skills related to this amazing game. Just make sure you choose authentic and legal sites. If cricket has been your passion, you must try your luck at it. It will also help you engage with people who share a similar kind of passion and interest in this game! You will not feel bored.

The best part about it is that you can win exciting and lucrative prizes sitting in the comfort of your house. Case in point, you have to understand that it is a serious game and requires proper strategizing, the study of pitch and weather conditions, etc. You also need to have a clear idea of the bowling and batting order as a small change can affect your points. The aim is to beat your friends and colleagues in the game. 

How to Create the Best Fantasy Cricket Team?

The first level is to form a team by choosing a total of 11 players from both sides on the fantasy cricket app. Pay importance while you form the team as you have to select four to five who own a good track record. On the contrary, you have to be conscious about having a lopsided squad with some great players and a few average ones. 

Settle For Extraordinary All-Rounder

We have to focus on how all-rounders can turn the game in your favor. If you are passionate about this sport, you must know the basics, that is batsmen sometimes cannot score great runs on days that don’t favor them while bowlers struggle to get wickets. But with an all-rounder, you can enhance your probability in scoring some points as he can manage in another department if he fails in one. You can hit the jackpot if you manage to pick the right all-rounder(s). 


Select Your Captain and Vice-Captain with Utmost Attention

Fantasy leagues might be lucrative but you can’t gain from them if you don’t strategize the game with care. Choosing the right vice-captain and captain is one of the hacks to the same. You should know that the captain and vice-captain are given extra points in most of the fantasy leagues. You can reach heights if you choose an all-rounder captain. You can earn good points through this. If you can’t choose an all-rounder, better stick to someone who is just great! 

Pay Close Attention to the Format of Your Team

Now here is one of the most important rules and there is a high chance you can go wrong with the same. You have to pay heed to the rules. Go for top-order batsmen for the T20 format matches. 

Keeping in mind the constricted number of deliveries available, along with the openers and also the fact that the number three batsmen will have to face the maximum balls. So while building your fantasy team, you should pick top-order batsmen. Now coming to the bowling department – choose proper bowlers or simply choose all-rounders as they would help in fetching good points, thereby helping you get meatier profits. As far as ODIs and Test matches are concerned, go for middle-order players.

Utilize Analytical Skills

Fantasy cricket goes beyond choosing a set of 11 players. You have to strategize it and plan it well so that you can earn good points. If you choose versatile and good players, you would get more credit. If you always thought that cricket is your game, then why not test your analytical power by playing fantasy cricket matches? 

Now that you know how to build the right team to play fantasy cricket, what are you waiting for? Start planning now. It is the best game to showcase your talent to a wider range of audience and that too, without having to step out! If you are a cricket fanatic, then go for it. We would also suggest you to ask your cricket-crazy friends to try it. It is such an exciting game that allows you to participate rather than being just a mere spectator. 

To know more about this exciting game, do check out the fantasy app.