Screen recording has become an important tool at workplaces due to the remote work situation. On top of that, if you are in any manner connected to the content economy (for instance, a knowledge video creator), then getting hold of an efficient screen recorder is of utmost importance. 

The market is not ignorant of this fact and that is why there are numerous screen recorders available online with lots of features to lure you. However, nothing compares to Gemoo Recorder which offers premium features like recording, adding annotations, adding CTA, cloud storage and sorting out videos by views for free. 

With Gemoo Recorder, one realizes that it has never been this easy to create videos by recording the screen and later on the edit, store (cloud) and share the videos too. 

Features of Gemoo Recorder

In this section, we shall take a detailed look at the features of Gemoo Recorder. 

  • Completely free of cost (and ads) – This is undoubtedly the best feature of Gemoo Recorder. The tremendously useful features that it offers come without any additional cost or ads for that matter, making the user experience super pleasant.
  • Unlimited recording without watermarks – If there is one feature that makes Gemoo Recorder the best in the market, it is this. One can record as many and for as long as one wants without any limits and without any unwanted watermarks, thus giving your videos a professional look.

  • Video recording, the way you want it – Using Gemoo Recorder, you can record not just the screen, but also just the browser tab or any particular app window. Along with the screen, you can also record the webcam and/or microphone or each of these separately. 
  • Real-time annotations – Gemoo Recorder allows you to annotate in real-time and edit the screenshots from the recordings. The availability of tons of filters and backgrounds make your job so much easier.

  • Customize video, CTA and logos as per your requirement – Not only can you select the area of the screen that you wish to record before it starts, but you can also re-crop the generated video to make necessary edits. Further, you can add as many CTAs and brand logos as you want to increase the effectiveness of your video.

  • Easy sharing – Using this tool, you can share the links of the created videos both publicly as well as privately with specific people (with password protection). This makes sharing easy not just for content creators but also makes collaboration quicker at workplaces. 

How To Use Gemoo Recorder 

Some of the use cases of Gemoo Recorder are discussed below. However, as stated earlier, the use case of screen recorders is only going to expand in the future. 

  1. Meeting Recording – Virtual meetings are indispensable in the present work situation globally. However, the need to document the interactions that happen in these meetings still remains and it is here that Gemoo Recorder can be used for meeting recording in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  2. Tutorial Recording – Needless to say, the single biggest use case of Gemoo Recorder is in the tutorial segment (both at an individual level as well as corporate level). How many times does the manager have to explain a particular process flow to multiple employees? This can be avoided by recording a short video (with annotations) for the benefit of the organization, saving precious time and money.
  3. Onboarding Recording – There are very few steps as important as onboarding in the whole recruitment process because it is here that the new employee is also given training on how to use the various tools that the organization uses. With Gemoo Recorder, you can stay focused on the task at hand and not on technical aspects of the onboarding video as the user interface of Gemoo is easy to use.
  4. Market Outreach – Irrespective of the nature of the industry that you are in, market outreach is a process that cannot be ignored. Gemoo Recorder lets you create amazing videos which can be used to reach your target audience. Not only is the reach of video greater than text but it also helps in creating an emotional connection with the audience.
  5. E-learning – From simple how-to videos to full fledged course content, using Gemoo Recorder can make your task a breeze. An ideal screen recorder like Gemoo is one which does not require any technical expertise to use and can help the educator in churning out E-learning content.
  6. Customer Support – When it comes to electronic devices and software, there are situations when either the customer is unable to explain the issue that they are facing or the solution is so complicated that it is impossible for the support executive to elaborate in words. In such situations, use of screen recording or screenshots with the help of Gemoo Recorder can come to your rescue. This also leaves the customer with a much better experience as it is often without any frustration.

Supported Devices

When it comes to Gemoo Recorder, it doesn’t matter whether you are using a Windows laptop/PC or Mac as it supports both the platforms and can be downloaded from the official website and the App store.


If you look at the various screen recording tools available in the market, you will realize that Gemoo Recorder offers the most features that are completely free. Gemoo Recorder is definitely the best in the market as it is not restricted to screen recording but it also offers cloud storage for you to store and organize your videos. You can record screen, webcam and microphone (all together or separately) to simplify complex messages and use them as per your requirement.  
Unlimited recording without any watermarks and real-time annotations with numerous filters and backgrounds are some of its features that are worth trying. Post-recording editing and adding CTAs and brand logos is also a breeze with Gemoo Recorder, making it imperative for you to give it a try once.