We’re all looking for some form of entertainment in our lives. Finding things to excite us, however, isn’t always easy. One thing people use to help relieve their boredom is online casino games. 

Now, the prospect of playing casino games may feel quite intimidating to beginners and novices. With so many different games to choose from, each with its own set of rules and techniques for playing, it can all feel a bit overwhelming.

There’s no need to feel daunted, however. In this guide, we’ll talk you through online casino games. We’ll first look at what they are and where you can find them, before exploring some of the best games to start out with, including bingo, slots and roulette.

What are online casino games?

Online casino games are simply games that you can find in a casino, such as pontoon and poker, played on websites or mobile apps. 

The gambling industry has embraced new technology and invested significant sums in developing new user-friendly systems for people to enjoy. 

Gamers can now join live casino games, like roulette tables, bringing them as close to the action as is possible when playing online.

Where to find online casino games

There is a wide range of online casinos to choose from. An established site such as Betsson casino may be a good place to start. 

The best thing to do is spend some time researching each site. Look for comparisons and independent reviews. Each online casino is different. Some offer a wide range of slot games; they may even specialize in them, whereas others may be better for poker or bingo. 

Something else you can look for is welcome or sign-up bonuses. Many sites and apps offer useful deals that you can take advantage of, with some offering to match your first deposits up to quite high sums, or free spins.

The best online casino games for novices

The choice of games can be a little overwhelming for some novice bettors. However, our list of the best online casino games for beginners will provide some clarity. 


Bingo is arguably one of the most popular games in the world, played everywhere from retirement homes and bingo halls to online casinos. 

The reason why it’s so popular is in its simplicity. Numbers are randomly drawn and called out. Players have a sheet of numbers arrayed in rows and squares. Whenever they have a number that’s called out, they cross it out. 

Usually, there are two stages to each round. First, everyone plays for a line – five numbers crossed out in a horizontal line. The first person to get a line wins.

To win the second round, players have to get a full house – crossing out all numbers on their sheet. 

Bingo doesn’t require any technical skill, has no restrictions as to who can play, and the prizes can be quite significant. For the keen novice, this would be a good place to start.


Slot machines are almost synonymous with casinos. Often arrayed in long rows, their glittering lights draw in bettors, and being simple to play with big potential payouts, they’re a popular choice. 

Slots have found their way onto online casinos too. Some apps and sites offer well over a hundred different slot games, with a wide variety of themes, rules and techniques. However, to play, gamers usually have to just press a button to spin the slots. The aim then is to match up different symbols. 

Many betting companies work with top animation and game developers to bring exciting and entertaining games for people to play. And with many online casinos, you should be able to take advantage of welcome offers that give you free spins, so you can see if you like a particular game without spending any money.


Popular the world over, roulette is a firm casino favorite. Its popularity stretches to online casinos too. 

This game may look complex at first, but after a few goes, it’ll all make sense. The dealer spins a wheel, at the center of which is a ring of numbers with slots beside them. A ball is dropped as the wheel spins. 

To win, players have to guess which number the ball will come to rest on. They can bet broadly, decrease their odds, or choose specific numbers for the best odds. 

There are lots of different tactics when it comes to playing roulette, which no doubt you’ll pick up quickly enough after a few games.