Gamers have never had it so good. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are on the way, promising to usher in a new era of video gaming with their ray-tracing technology that’ll revolutionize gaming graphics. 

That’s not the only reason today is a great time to be a gamer. Mobile games have never been as great as they are right now. Full console-quality games, including huge multiplayer modes, are available to play on the tiny computer you carry around in your pocket. Best of all, most cost nothing (or almost nothing) to play.

Here Are Some Of The Top Games In July 2020

Mini Metro

Transport simulation games have always been popular. Both Transport Tycoon and SimCity were smash hits because of the open-ended gameplay that allowed players to channel their creativity by designing their own cities and transport networks. 

These games are still available to play today, but they can be a little fiddly on smartphones. That’s where Mini Metro comes in.

It’s a game that takes the basic elements of Transport Tycoon and SimCity and turns them more into a puzzle. There’s no need to make sure you’re business is profitable, or maintain customer happiness. Your sole objective is to connect the ever-increasing number of stations to each other with a limited number of lines, trains, and tunnels. The game ends once any of your stations get overcrowded. 

It’s a simple game, but you’ll end up playing it for hours.

My Talking Tom Friends

My Talking Tom Friends is a sequel to the other games in the My Talking Tom series. It retains the pet simulation premise of the other games, but you can now have up to six different pets, instead of just one. 

Your job is to feed, bathe, and play with your pets, trying to level them up as you do. Everything about the game can be customized, meaning you can style your house and pets to suit your own tastes. 

While it’s fun to play, the game is a little limited since your pets don’t grow like in games like Nintendogs, and the gameplay becomes a bit repetitive. However, there are also several mini-games to enjoy alongside the main thing which adds in some variety. 


If you want something a little more sophisticated, then you’ll struggle to beat playing poker, the game that has been glamorized in countless movies and TV shows. Enjoying poker usually requires you to play with real money, but PokerStars offers a free-to-play version that contains almost all the same features. 

PokerStars’ free-to-play version lets you compete in ring games and regular tournaments, including its Sunday Billion event, a no-limit Texas hold’em competition where 1 billion play chips are up for grabs. 


If you loved the 2D side-scroller games of the 1980s and 1990s, then Whipseey will be right up your street. This retro-looking game contains all the features you’d expect to find in games like Super Mario Bros or Sonic, with you running and jumping over obstacles. 

You play as Whipseey, a pink, whip-wielding blob who’s job is to recover magical orbs while you escape enemies and take on the big bosses at the end of each level. 

The game is very short, but it only costs £0.99, which is a fair price. There’s plenty of scope for the developers to add more levels in the future though, which would be a great improvement. 

Call of Duty: Mobile

Having recently surpassed 250 million downloads, Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the biggest mobile gaming successes of the last few years. This free-to-play game combines many of the fan-favorite features from the console versions and the more recent battle royale format that’s been made popular by PUBG and Fortnite

You can choose from three main modes: battle royale, zombies, and multiplayer. In the latter, you can take part in many classic game types, including Search and Destroy, Domination and Deathmatch. 

You’ll also need to spend time earning XP to unlock new weapons and perks, but the game handles this well as you can still do well in games when you have a lower rank.