University life can be a struggle, and with the constant pressure from teachers and so many deadlines you have to meet, the stress might be too much for you to bear. For assistance, there are many digital educational tools that you can use to lighten the load. These tools will be discussed below:

There are a lot of dictionary apps out there, but by far, this is the most suitable one for students. 

It has an abundance of words, definitions, pronunciations, and even examples of incorporating these words into sentences. 

Another plus is how you can use this app without an internet connection and opt to receive new words each day. The app makes everything fun and incredibly easy for students. Working on your assignments and essays just got easier with 


Of all online learning tools, StudyBlue is probably the most comprehensive. This app has made studying truly accessible for students across the globe. With millions of study materials within your reach, getting extensive information is guaranteed. 

This app also lets you upload your study materials to get in-depth methods on how to solve them. It allows you to create flashcards, and you can participate in quizzes and connect with people studying the same subjects. It is a wide community providing students with much-needed assistance in their education. 

Title Generator 

As a college student, essays are critical in helping you build your creative and logical skills, and teachers are aware of this. When essays are assigned to you on a particular topic, you are expected to find a catchy but related title as a header. 

Writing an essay in itself is hard, but finding an interesting title can be quite tricky too. This is where the title generator comes in. A look at will help you understand better. To search, insert several keywords about your text into the box and generate a creative title for you.  

This is one of the most convenient web tools for students who are particular about their grades. It is free and helps to make sure that your great write-up gets a quality title. So if you run out of good ideas when writing, use this.


This is one of the best tools for online programs and is available on the web or downloadable as an app. Udemy offers a wide array of courses and subjects taught by experts and professionals in the field. 

The app allows you to use your mobile device to access different materials, audio, and videos on the topics you want to take. Although the app is free, you might have to pay for each course. However, Udemy has made everything affordable by offering weekly or monthly discounts to those interested in getting one. 

Office Lens

Office Lens is one of the digital tools for students that makes life easier. Now, you don’t have to worry about writing important notes down and losing them; all you have to do is scan them with your phone camera using Office Lens, and voila! It is saved. Easy and efficient. 

Sometimes you are too tired from all the previous classes you’ve had; copying down notes from the board might be a little too much. So what do you do? Scan images or texts on the board using Office Lens, and save them to your phone as a word document. 

Story Bird 

This is one of the most beneficial digital tools for student writers. With this app, you are sure to develop your language, comprehension, reading, and writing skills. It is a great app to use. 

Story Bird has a beautiful color design and amazing illustrations that keep users interested for a long period, and you can only download this app using modern gadgets. A glimpse at will help you see how modern gadgets are beneficial in helping every college student get the most out of their work. 

Story Bird can only be used with modern gadgets because it utilizes cutting-edge technology in its design and creative manipulation. An iPad is the most recommended method of access because it enhances smooth interaction.


Of all the digital tools available, Timetable is the most useful. Without adequately filling our schedule and setting reminders, you are sure to let a thing or two slip. This is where Timetable comes in. This app lets you keep your schedules organized and managed, as you can set reminders of events, assignments, and exams.


As students, you need all the help to get you by. These apps were designed specifically to provide this assistance to you in many different forms. Take advantage of these tools, and use them in relieving your stress and enhancing overall productivity.