If you’re a student, one of the best college laptops can help you ace your exams and then let you unwind by streaming TV or playing games. But with so many choices at so many different prices, finding the very best laptops for students can feel like extra homework. And every student has different needs and a different budget, WeShop is here to help you finding the very best that fit your demand.

In that endeavor, we’ve gathered some of our favorite computers at a wide range of prices. Read our list of the best computers for students!

Surface | The Most Innovative 2-in-1 laptop


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Surface Laptop Studio

Thinking about getting an iPad and PC? Don’t bother! This Surface laptop studio combines a pad with a laptop, allowing you to type AND draw at the same time! How convenient it must be for class, right?

Microsoft’s new flagship 2-in-1 is the most unexpected and whimsical yet. Surface Laptop Studio features a unique floating display that you can place behind the trackpad for immersive gaming or streaming experience, or fold into tablet mode for drawing and note-taking.

The dynamic woven hinge is a new design. It can be folded into new directions much faster. The unique “stage” mode places the display behind the trackpad and overlays the keyboard, providing a comfortable, immersive experience for gaming, streaming, docking, drawing, or note-taking.

The other direction, called “studio” mode, presses the laptop’s display against the keyboard and trackpad for a tablet experience. Linus Tech Tips describes in his video said:‘nearly perfect laptop on the market.’

Apple | The Best Apple Laptop For Students


$ 1,999

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Apple The MacBook Pro 2021 (14-inch)

Apple’s laptop is for those who have an extra budget and already have an Apple product. Apple’s products, whether it’s an iPhone or an iPad, or a pen, the systems are interoperable, having a MacBook on top of that will just boost your efficiency to the next level.

If you get a MacBook with an iPhone or iPad, files can be synchronized and updated across multiple devices, which can be a huge time saver and is very student-friendly. At least college students using The MacBook Pro don’t have to care about their paper files taking a lot of time to get from their phone to their computer. Henry T. Casey posted on Tom’s Guide, giving an assessment that we agree with.

What’s even better, we found that The MacBook Pro 2021 ditched the design of that easily breakable touch bar, knowing that students generally have a longer cycle time to purchase computers.

Apple | The Best Computer For Students Studying Video


$ 1439

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Apple iMac 27-inch

The Apple iMac Pro i7 4k 27 is perfect for students who need access to design software and video editing because professional softwares like final cut pro and capture one are only exclusive to macs. And the performance on mac is just so much more stable.

Professional software requires excellent hardware performance to meet the needs of students. At the same time, the Apple iMac 27-inch has a much larger screen than traditional computers, catering to academics reading complex data and images. Apple has combined M1 performance with a color-accurate 4.5K Retina display and crammed it all inside an impossibly thin and playfully designed package.

With this professional-grade computer, you can edit, design, create without limitation.

Dell | The Best Windows Laptop For Students


$ 1,570

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Dell XPS 13 OLED

If you are a student who wants a computer with a beautiful design topped with a gorgeous display, and snappy performance, but still within the reasonable price range, this is the one to get!

Dell XPS 13 OLED not only comes with a Windows system that is more open than macOS but also upgrades its battery system. You know that the previous generation of XPS already has very good battery life. So this band of XPS can satisfy students for a day of study without bringing a charger. Scott Gilbertson declares in his review article: “If you want an ultrabook worthy of the name, the XPS series, especially the XPS 13, has always been our favorite.”

There is an added advantage, the HD OLED screen is great for students to use and reduces eye strain.

Alienware | The Best Gaming PC for Students


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Alienware Aurora R11

Being a student is not all about studying, right? We need to relax after a long day. For those who love PC games, the computers above could not meet their need, they can be overheating and not show a great performance. If you are looking for a computer for games, check this one out.

The Alienware Aurora R11 is one of the most powerful pre-built gaming PCs you can buy. Naturally, that also makes it one of the most expensive. Ever since the brand’s inception, Alienware’s value proposition has been clear: Get a stylish, functional gaming PC right out of the box, but be ready to dish out a few thousand dollars for it.

The Aurora R11 is the latest evolution of that philosophy, and it’s a pretty good machine. Just be aware that it requires a lot of money and space, as well as some patience to deal with lackluster software. Eddy Nassar compares the Alienware Aurora R11 to a car in his video and thinks it will be the best car for some people.

And yes we strongly agree, if you are an avid gamer, then the Alienware Aurora R11 can deliver the best gaming performance.


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  • The best computer for students studying video and photo editing: Apple iMac 27-inch
  • The best gaming PC for students: Surface innovative 2-in-1 laptop