The site of some of history’s biggest financial wins and losses, Wall Street has long been a mecca for aspiring business leaders. Situated at the heart of Manhattan, a job there is synonymous with success, its influence spreading far and wide across the American states – and beyond.

Although Pittsburgh, Florida and Virginia boast enviable credentials as banking hubs, it may be worth looking further afield if you’re seeking an exciting new challenge in finance. With that in mind, here are five world cities that are making a name for themselves as high-flying commercial centres.

London, England

london-Best Cities Outside the US for a Job in Finance

A hot spot for culture, nightlife and entertainment, London has plenty to offer young financial experts who are looking for a new challenge. Home to the UK offices of nearly all of the world’s leading international banks and brokerage firms, there are plenty of opportunities for employment or international transfers. Looking to get into finance from an academic perspective? England boasts one of the world’s most impressive educational systems. It may be worth considering an application to the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), whether as a student, lecturer or supporting member of staff.

Tokyo, Japan

tokyo- Best Cities Outside the US for a Job in Finance

As the world’s second-largest economy, it’s no real surprise that Tokyo is producing some world-class businessmen and women. Offering a highly personal approach to deal-making that tends to baffle westerners at first, they favour high investment in innovative ventures, often in the field of electronics and pharmaceuticals.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

arab-emorates Best Cities Outside the US for a Job in Finance

One of the fastest growing cities in the world, Dubai’s pristine shores have seen many global companies rush to set up transnational corporation headquarters, taking advantage of the international approach to business that means Arabic as a second language is merely an extra rather than an essential. However, if you’re considering a move to Dubai for work, there are many customs to get used to – the working week runs from Monday to Thursday only, and breaking into chit chat or being late to meetings is often seen as perfectly acceptable. Due to its largely Islamic rule, female businesspeople will need to be accompanied by a male colleague if they wish to travel, work or open a bank account in Dubai.

Hong Kong, China

hong-kong-china Best Cities Outside the US for a Job in Finance

Hong Kong is undoubtedly the gateway to China, and is therefore perfectly situated for a wide range of brokering, trading and financial management opportunities. The ability to speak Mandarin is preferable, but many businesspeople find that English is the most prevalent language. Always address Chinese businesspeople using their professional title and proffer a gift, as it shows respect for their position. However, the present must be matched to their ranking – never give a manager a better gift than the CEO!

Zurich, Switzerland

Zuerich Best Cities Outside the US for a Job in Finance

Home to global giants UBS and Credit Suisse, Zurich has a formidable reputation for wealth management and private banking. Ranking consistently highly for quality of life, Switzerland is universally understood to be one of the safest places in the world to live, which may be reassuring to high-earning professionals. However, the ability to speak German and/or French is an essential – Swiss businesspeople tend to favour a very formal approach, and will not react kindly to a less-than-professional demeanour.