The iPad Air 2 has been out since late last year, and of course a myriad of accessories for it are on the market. Several are proven products, and others are innovations that deserve mention. In a sea of hundreds of accessories for the new iPad, the following are among the most useful:

The Best (Basic) Accessories for the iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2 Cases

When choosing a case, consider size, color, usability, price and even texture. One of the more popular iPad Air 2 accessories would have to include the aniline-dyed leather cases. With five colors to choose from and a case that covers both the front and back of your iPad, there is no going wrong with this simple yet effective piece.

With a multifold lining, the user has the option of folding the front flap so it rests in whichever way is more appealing. This function makes it easier to turn the device on or off — simply open the case to turn it on, and close the case to shut it off.

You can find the case at Apple and current prices on the iPad Air 2 at T-Mobile.

iPad Air 2 Keyboards

Innovations in keyboards address a concern of Apple users wanting to increase speed and efficiency when writing messages or documents using the iPad Air 2. The keyboard accessory enables users to experience the familiar speed and finger ranged of a full-sized board. One such keyboard is found in Logitech’s release of the Type+ keyboard for the iPad Air 2.


Keeping in mind that portability is of utmost importance, Logitech created Type+, weighing in at only 15 oz. The Type+ is one of the slimmest keyboards measuring in at 7.23 by 0.67 inches. The keys are easily accessible and include vital iOS shortcuts. Once the magnet makes contact with the iPad it is immediately linked through the wireless Bluetooth functionality.

See the ultrathin keyboard at Logitech.

iPad Air 2 Stylus

Using a stylus to type is usually much faster and easier than it is to tap away at a screen. It’s simply more efficient than one’s fingers, and writers and digital artists will enjoy a better experience than they would by using their fingers on a pressure-sensitive glass interface. A stylus also allows for steady movement during sensitive brush strokes for the artist and overall hand-eye coordination.


Styluses come in all sizes and shapes and efficiency and ergonomics, and they are priced accordingly. Users should note that Apple changed their screen sensor technology with iPad 2 rendering some older styluses incompatible.

A quick research of user preferred styluses revels that one favorite stylus is Adonit’s redesigned JotPro. The Jot Pro allows for precise input, using a unique disc tip and is an elegant addition to your iPad Air 2 accessory collection.

There are many wonderful accessories to the sleek iPad Air 2 Tablet. Depending on budget and preference, the market offers a wide choice of options to the consumer, making the iPad Air 2 a formidable opponent in a crowded space.