Who doesn’t love apps? They’re probably one of the best inventions over recent times and as technology improves so do the apps available for everyone to use on their smartphones and tablets. Apps have you covered if you’re wanting help with your day to day life, to keep track of social media or simply for a bit of entertainment. However, what if you are rich and famous? Which apps would you be downloading for your extremely likely top of the range device? Let’s find out.


One of the hottest apps for the rich and famous is of course Instagram. Not only is this app at the forefront of how people now often communicate with each other, via images and video, it also gives the user a great chance to show off their wealth too. You’ll often find the rich and famous keeping their followers up to date on their latest purchases and nights out, while keeping us informed of other goings on too via the fastest growing social media app.

James Edition

While the average joe will often be scouring Amazon and eBay when it comes to making purchases, you can’t really expect the rich and famous and their swelling bank balances to follow suit. Therefore they turn to JamesEdition, it’s basically Amazon for those with Swiss bank accounts behind them. One can purchase things such as private jets and yachts, it really is the biggest luxury marketplace around.

Rich Kids

While it is mightily important for the rich and famous to stay connected to their fans in the normal world via apps such as Instagram, many have also taken to upgrading to Rich Kids too. Rich Kids is the upmarket version of Instagram and it currently costs $1,000 a month to subscribe. It’s a place for rich and famous to show off to their peers, through the use of pictures.

Party Casino

If you have a lot of money and don’t really have anything else to purchase, what better to do than spend some time gaming and winning even more money? Party Casino NJ have an app which is at the forefront of mobile gaming and features slots and table games from all of the top developers. It also has a superb Live Casino offering too, which is sure to entertain wherever and whenever you fancy some excitement.


Dating for the rich and famous can be extremely hard work, especially if they are wanting to keep their private life just that, private. People with a lot of money tend to understand others in their situation, and it makes it ideal for them to form friendships or indeed start relationships with each other. While Tinder is great for the large proportion of the population, it’s not really ideal for those with big bank balances or a lot of fame. That’s where Luxy comes in, it’s a dating app for these people specifically and it’s believed that one in every two members earn over $500,000 per year.