Do you frequently find yourself transferring money from one account to another? If so, you likely have tried several different methods to complete your transactions. It probably didn’t take you long to discover which of these methods worked and which ones didn’t. Of these services, did you ever try online money transfer services? If not, you should give it a go. Below, you will discover a list of benefits of this type of service.

Unlimited Accessibility

Most online money transfer services have unlimited access to all countries. Unfortunately, this is something not offered by other money transfer services. If you have tried to transfer money to a specific country in the past but was refused service, you could benefit greatly from online money transfer. Get access to every country in the world when utilizing this type of money transfer service.

Speedy Transfers

Money transfer can take anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours to complete in most cases. The longer it takes to complete the transaction, the longer the person is waiting on the other end to get their money. With online money transfer, you are guaranteed speedy transactions. In most cases, the transfer should go through within five minutes or less. There may be some occasions when the transfer may take up to 24 hours but this is very rare. Money transfer services, such as Duitnow, guarantees quick transactions very time. 

Extremely Convenient

If you are accustomed to utilizing a brick-and-mortar transfer service, you know how time-consuming the process can be. You have to drive to the location, start the transfer process, wait until it is complete and then drive back home. Depending on how far your commute is and the time it takes to complete the transfer, you are spending at least an hour to make money transfers.

With online money transfer, you will never need your home to send money to every country in the world. You just need access to a Wi-Fi or Internet connection and a computer, laptop or cellphone. This level of convenience is not offered by brick-and-mortar transfer services.

Low Fees

Money transfer services can be rather expenses, depending on the amount that is being transferred and the destination. In most cases, online money transfer services charge lower transaction fees than brick-and-mortar businesses. The next time you contemplate transferring money start by doing a price comparison. If you have transferred money utilizing a local bank or other financial institution, you are already a step ahead in the game. Just compare the fees charged by those facilities with the fees charged by online money transfer services. 


If you chose to utilize online money transfer services and want to move money from one account to another account that is with the same bank, your transaction fees may be relinquished. There are many benefits to online money transfer. These benefits include low transaction fees, convenient and time-efficient. When you utilize these services, you can complete transfers from anywhere. And, the best part is you do not need to stand in line at a financial institution, waiting on the transaction to go through.