The constantly changing nature of the business world is highlighted no better than in the ways that we now work. Laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones are increasingly used as a way of working from remote locations or even just from different spaces within a company headquarters or factory. Herein, however, there lies a problem, how to maintain security across these devices and the wireless networks they connect to. Here we investigate the benefits of mobile security and device management.

What is Mobile Device Management?

Simply put, mobile device management is software that allows businesses to monitor the use of and protect the data that is being used by employees on digital devices such as mobile phones. Protecting the information in emails and that is contained in corporate documents is of paramount importance to many companies and mobile device management offers a solution that can be in-house or cloud based.

Bring Your Own Device

Bring your own device (BYOD) refers to the trend for using a personal device for work purposes. Many individuals can work more quickly and effectively when using a device that they know inside out and are most comfortable using. Whilst this, in many ways is a good thing, personal devices can pose a threat to security if not properly protected and here again mobile device management systems bring benefits.

Added Value

As well as protecting data, mobile device management services, such as the ones offered by Redcentric, provide a range of additional features that can add value. Some services come with 24-hour technical support and can be managed remotely. The system logs which resources are being accessed and should a mobile device be lost or stolen, the device and the information held on it can be locked, located or, should the need arise, be wiped.

New Trends

There are some emerging trends when it comes to the way mobile device management services are designed and used. The most significant, perhaps, is the push to include desktop computers, that are used from an employee’s home, to the list of devices that the service will protect.

Overall, this type of technology is part of wider trend that has been occurring throughout many sectors.Companies are beginning to acknowledge that giving employees the freedom to work from wherever they want and to a degree whenever they want can be rewarding, can be managed and can be an effective way to empower the employees and make them more productive.