Communication is the backbone of any business. It does not matter the industry you are in; you must ensure communication is smooth and reliable. It is paramount to ensure that your customers or client can reach you anytime they need anything from you. Because we have established that communication is paramount and needs to be efficient, it means ensuring the systems you have for both internal and external communication are of high quality. 

This is where VoIP (voice over internet protocol) comes into the picture, especially when it comes to telephony. The chances are you may already know the convenience benefits and overriding costs that come with VoIP. What many people do not know is that these systems offer a wide range of advanced features. 

It is these features that make this system a Must-Have in any business. For this reason, lets us dive deep into the benefits and extra services offered by VoIP to any business. 

Benefits Of VoIP

Before jumping into the advanced features, it would be a wise thing to remember the benefits. In the U.S. VoIP has increased in popularity and has become the standard telephony choice for businesses. This means that companies are now abandoning the old telecommunications in favour of IP telephony.

The primary reason for this change is the notable benefits businesses get with VoIP. Some of these benefits include:

  • Low Costs

VoIP phone systems are not only cheap to install but also very affordable to run. The maintenance is also very cheap. For example, during installation, you do not have to worry about the expensive additional line rental expenses. On the other hand, the calling rates are cheaper, even in long-distance telephone calls. 

  • Mobility and Accessibility

It is important to note that a majority of VoIP systems are hosted in the cloud. What does this mean? Well, it simply means it is mobile and accessible from anywhere. For this reason, you can make a call at any time as you would in an office. This kind of setup is suitable in our modern, mobile business environment as it gives people the flexibility to conduct business anywhere they are. This also means that it is a great option for managing remote teams from multiple static IP addresses. 

  • Growth

It is the goal of any business to grow. As such, you need a system that is flexible to growth. Unlike the old telephone system, VoIP is flexible to growth. With the traditional telephone systems, a person is forced to install new lines whenever a business grows – making it expensive and inconvenient. You will not experience such problems with VoIP. These systems are flexible to growth or expansion. All that is needed is informing the supplier.

These are only but three benefits that carry the biggest weight when it comes to VoIP and Business. To any business owner, these are the most important benefits for them to make the switch. Now, the only thing left is knowing the advanced features a business owner will get with VoIP. 

The Advanced VoIP Features 

Leading VoIP providers offer businesses an all-encompassing, unlimited, unfiltered communication system. The main goal is to cater to all business needs regarding communication. This generally includes a number of advanced features that improve business operations. The truth is that we cannot mention all of them, but below are a few selections of advanced features all businesses can enjoy. 

  • Call monitoring, recording, and logs
  • Call screening and auto answering rules
  • Call transfer and forwarding
  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Automated attendant and cloud PBX
  • Hot desking
  • Visual voicemail, email voicemail, and other integrations

Call Monitoring, Recording, and Logs

Monitoring both your staff and the calls they receive is important, more especially in a regulated environment. For this reason, VoIP comes with advanced features that make oversight very simple. In fact, top brands claim that with their systems, you can monitor live calls. This allows your manager or business owner to listen to live calls received or made by the staff. This gives you the power to pick up bad practices or correct any mistakes. 

Recording calls is also very easy. In fact, a majority of the systems will record calls automatically if they are set to do so. Recording calls is helpful to a business, especially when it comes to training sales or customer service personnel. It allows you to play a specific call and help them improve their techniques. 

Call Screening and Auto Answering Rules

Call-screening is a feature that gives businesses control over who can contact the company. As such, you can set up a VoIP system to block specific numbers or make specific calls to always go through to a specific person like the director. This feature gives you control over when and how you can deal with different contacts or clients. With some systems, it is quite possible to create even complex auto-answering rules. The call answering rules will define the way you manage specific calls at different times of the day, week, or year. 

For example, you may have an important client who you must answer any time they call. It is possible to set rules for diverting calls when answering calls during off business hours. You may also have an overeager supplier who is constantly calling you. You may set a rule to divert their calls to the relevant department automatically. 

Call Transfer and Forwarding

The truth is that a small business will not have the resources to have 24/7 on-call capabilities (at least while using the traditional methods). However, with the call transfer and forwarding feature that comes VoIP systems. As such, you can forward calls from one phone to another. This can be from a desk phone to a cell phone or home phone. You have to configure or set it up the way you want. 

This is a useful feature as you can also transfer active phones between different handsets or phones. Gone are the days when you have to up on a call so that you can leave the office. Transferring calls is very easy and makes a person have the power to go anywhere while on the call. 

Video and Audio Conferencing

For any decision to be taken in a huge organization, a lot of people or departments must be on the same page. However, getting the different people or departments on the same page using the traditional phone calls or emails does create problems. This is the main reason why these firms hold conference calls to get everyone on the same page. 

With a VoIP phone system, a business can hold both audio and video conferences. That is because VoIP systems use fast connections, which makes conferences are far reliable. With the system, you will not experience dropout or lagging issues.

Furthermore, its users have the ability to collaborate on calendars, share files, and even share desktops. All these features and activities are possible in real-time. This helps boost efficiency and ensure all participants make the most out of their time. 

Automated Attendant and Cloud PBX

A PBX (private branch exchange) is a way a business communicates within the office. In other words, it is a system that handles and manages internal calls. Remember, PBX offered by VoIP is cloud-based. This means that it offers a more comprehensive range of capabilities and features. This is a feature that has revolutionized a business in terms of administration. Rules and settings can be implemented easily as a way to improve call management. Furthermore, the whole system is hosted off-site, which means it is not subject to any issues, like; power outages, security concerns, and more. 

VoIP setup goes a step further with an auto-attendant. This is a feature designed to help small businesses project an air of professionalism by changing customer service using AI. How does this work? The attendant route phone calls will automatically introduce elements like client-based informatory messages, hold music, etc. This feature makes the client or customer feel like your business is an organization they can trust. This is the main reason why this feature is known as a virtual receptionist. 

Hot Desking 

If your business has a lot of workers whose main or principal job description is to make or receive calls, then each worker would like to set up their phone records in a specific way. As such, a worker may wish to set unique extensions so that they can record calls, voicemails, and call logs. These settings could tie a worker to a specific phone. 

Hot desking is a feature that offers the best of those systems. It is a feature that gives users or employees access to specific settings on any phone as long as the device is connected to the setup. The employee may not even need to be at their main workstation; they will still have automatic phone access if they wish to. 

Visual Voicemail, Email Voicemail, and Other Integrations

One of the best features of VoIP is its capability of being set up with other systems easily compared to the traditional phone network system. Because the system is cloud-based, it relies on mobile apps and desktops. This makes it easy to integrate it with other systems like email, workstations, and other services. 

A good example is a visual voicemail, which is a feature that comes about through integration. For this reason, instead of managing the regular voicemails on the phone, you get access to handle them using the PC. Email voicemail gives you the power to have voicemail sent to an email address. This is a feature that not only makes it easier to listen to voicemails but responds to them efficiently.


When you make the change from the current business communication system to VoIP, you will be doing far more than making phone calls. You shall be opening your business communication to new features. All these features will help you and your staff corroborate better and even boost communications to your clients. Furthermore, understanding your brand’s presence online is a sure way to understand your audience and the problems with your brand or marketing. 

The advanced VoIP features will truly take your business to a whole new level. It allows a firm to project professionalism. Therefore, if a business takes advantage of both the benefits and the features, it will help boost communication both within and outside the business. Truly, VoIP is the future of business communication.