There is no doubt about it: salesmanship is a delicate and skilled art form. If you need proof of this, you need look no further than your own experiences of buying and selling in the past. Just as many of you may have walked away from a deal due to a lack of engagement or rapport with a salesperson or private vendor, others are likely to have declined a purchase as a result of excess bluster, jargon and an underlying sense of over enthusiasm. These experiences underline the fact that there is clearly a balance to be achieved, although this is delicate and extremely challenging for those with no experience.

The Art of Salesmanship: Can it help to sell your home

For those without direct sales experience or the resources to train themselves extensively in the field, there are still a number of steps that can be taken to use salesmanship as a way of offloading their property.

Read the Buyer’s Body Language

While body language is central to effective sales, it is also a universal concept that can be easily understood by anyone. It is certainly something that can help you to sell your home quickly, primarily because it enables you to read the mood of each potential buyer and determine the most suitable sales approach. Reflective, quiet and thoughtful buyers may not appreciate excessive dialogue as they look to envisage themselves living within the home, for example, while more engaged and open visitors are likely to enjoy interaction and being educated on the unique benefits of the property.

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Use Salesmanship across all Mediums and Media Forms

When many people consider salesmanship, they tend to fixate on dialogue and the art of conversation. Salesmanship techniques can be used across multiple media formats, however, from the written word to imagery and audio-visual material. Let’s say that you were to market your property online, for example, as your first step should be to use engaging imagery and video content that reflects your home in the best possible light. You could also use some succinct and descriptive text to help sell the property, reinforcing positive benefits of the structure through repetition and easy to understand words.

Use Laymen Terms rather than Jargon

In some respects, a lack of formal sales education may actually help you to engage potential buyers. After all, the art of developing rapport is not exclusive to sales, as everyone who has ever enjoyed a romantic liaison will have experience of engaging a fellow human being. This can be applied while interacting with buyers, while those without a formal sales background are unlikely to use the type of jargon that often deters individuals from making a purchase. By communicating openly and using familiar language, it is possible to increase your chances of making a quick and profitable sale.