Apple is such a famous brand that it’s no surprise the Apple Watch is becoming a talking point for techies all across the globe.

What will it feature? What’s new? What’s the same as other Apple products? And, perhaps most importantly, is it actually going to be worth the money?

From Apple’s latest press announcements, we know that the Apple Watch is going to cost at the least £299, and at the most, £13,500. Ranging from the average watch price to the pretty outlandish £13,500, we’re wondering ourselves what we can actually expect from this innovative piece of technology.

And, of course, whether it’s worth the price tag.

The basics of the Apple Watch

As mentioned, the cheapest version of the watch will be the entry level sports version that will be £299. The expensive version will be laden with gold, and will cost a staggering £13,500 (we can hear our bank accounts whimpering at the thought)!

apple watch

We also know that there will be a total of three versions of the latest offering from Apple, including the basic Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and finally, the Apple Watch Edition.

On top of this, it’s also been announced that we can expect the watch to hit the stores on the 24th of April (cue mass hysteria and endless all night/day queuing).

But what are the standard features we can expect to get with the watch?

The features of the Apple Watch

First and foremost, we know that this watch will sync with an iPhone, and will inform you of any incoming alerts that are heading your way from your device. This is a great idea that allows you to keep up to date with any messages without checking your phone every two minutes.

Innovative features of the watch include the ability to send other watch users vibrations of your heartbeat, as well as doodles and wrist ‘taps’. And the Apple Watch also encourages a healthier way of life by allowing you track your exercise as well as your fitness goals.

In terms of the interface, the watch will feature app icons that are round instead of the familiar square. To achieve this design feat, Apple have had to redesign their usual software, and it’s surprising to see just how much space circle apps save when compared to the square versions.

The watch will also be released alongside a wide selection of interchangeable bands, which will allow for a great level of customisation for those hoping to make their Apple Watch personal to them.

As well as this, Apple have incorporated an innovative way of using the ‘crown’ on the side of the watch. This is a typical part of a regular watch, usually used to wind the watch up. Yet on the Apple Watch, the crown is used to zoom in and out of the tiny interface. And tapping it once will take you straight back your homepage.

Overall, it sounds like a pretty great wearable piece of tech. But are there any down sides to the Apple Watch?

apple watch worth it

Potential Problem Areas for the Apple Watch

As we mentioned above, to make software suitable for the watch interface, Apple have had to start from scratch with their watch design. This means that any apps that work with other Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad will no longer be compatible.

As an offset of this, app developers will have to spend the money and take the time to create new apps if they want them to be compatible with the Apple Watch. But with no guarantee that the watch will be as successful as Apple’s other tech, who can promise the developers will want to contribute?

Furthermore, we really do like the idea of wearable technology, but we can’t help but feel that the Apple Watch is a little limiting if you don’t have an iPhone. As people probably aren’t going to go out and purchase one just to make the most of the watch, a large proportion of potential customers are going to be immediately turned off from buying the watch. We feel this could be a problem for Apple if they aren’t careful.

We’d also like a little more from the Apple Watch in terms of fitness. So far, it doesn’t actually do anything new when compared to fitness bands that are already on the market. Apple had the chance to contribute something new to this sector, they simply didn’t.

So is the Apple Watch really worth the money?

We haven’t had first-hand experience with the Apple Watch, which means we’re yet to see it in action and fully integrated into every life.

It could be a great thing, as well as a useful time saver (no pun intended)!

However, the downsides to the Apple Watch are all quite dominant in our minds. So dominant, in fact, that we can’t help but feel the negative is currently out-weighing the positive.

If you don’t have an iPhone, the tech is incredibly basic. And if you don’t have a friend who has a watch too, how can you send them your heartbeat or ‘tap’ them?

On top of this, what if developers don’t feel it’s worth their time to put effort into creating new apps for the device? This limitation could, in turn, prevent people from buying the product. Meaning not only do we have a simple stab at wearable technology, we also have a product that just isn’t selling well.

Another worry is that the tech will just be the latest trend that will fade into oblivion after a few months (you only think about the Google Glass to know our anxieties are somewhat justified). So what do we do?

Well, we’re going to bide our time and wait a little longer before investing in such an expensive product. The Apple Watch does have the potential to become great – we can see that. But we also don’t feel that it’s actually made it up there yet.

Is it worth the money?

Right now, we’d kind of have to say no.

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