Your online business is doing great? Congratulations! Now it’s time to take it to another level and enter the real world. Many roads lead there, one is through digital printing. Here is why you should not waste time and contact a company like The Print Group to benefit from the major advantages of digital printing for your online business.

It’s fast

Ages have passed since Gutenberg’s printing press. What used to be a lengthy, painful process is now swift and easy. Your prints can be ready in a matter of hours, in a wide selection of forms delivered to your door. And all without getting up from your desk – all you need to do is place your order online, the printers will do the rest.

It’s cost effective

It’s true, traditional offset printing is cheaper… when ordering in bulk. But just because the mass printing market is ruled by big companies, doesn’t mean that there is not printing solution for small and medium sized online businesses. This is what digital printing is for. No one will engage a traditional printing house to print less than couple thousands of copies, however for digital printers it’s not a problem. In fact this is what they specialize in – smaller numbers of attractively priced prints. Think big, print small.

Digital Printing

It’s flexible

Once you place an order in an offset printing house and the machines start rolling – you’re doomed. There’s no way to stop the press, check for errors or even see what your project looks like in real life and not on the computer screen. It’s the digital printing that offers you the option of creating prototypes. A set of samples will let you chose the most interesting project and check for mistakes , you can ask your co-workers to take a look, talk to project over and only once everything is perfect give it a go at the printers. If you do something, do it right.

It’s personal

The fact that digital printing is flexible allowing for last minute modifications and that it makes printing of small number of print possible, makes it more personal. Make your customers feel special by providing them with unique, personalized, custom made products, advertising and marketing materials. Print with a personal message to a specific customer is a great way of building brand loyalty.

It’ Eco friendly

It a simple equation – big printing houses pollute big time. By going digital you reduce the strain in the environment while keeping the quality high and costs low. One of many advantages of online business is limited use of resources, by using digital printing you can keep it that way. And it doesn’t only positively reflect on our environment but also on your brand – don’t be shy, brag about it, tell the world on your website, blog or in printed materials – you and your business care about the environment and make the effort to preserve it.

Make no mistake – digital printing isn’t just the only option for online businesses. It’s the better one.