So, you’ve decided that the best way to get your vehicle from point A to point B is by hiring an auto shipping company to do it for you. It doesn’t matter what vehicle you’re transporting or even why; the fact is you’ve made an intelligent choice. Undertaking a long-distance vehicle move by yourself comes with many hidden risks and causes unnecessary wear and tear to the vehicle itself. But to maximize the intelligence of your decision, there are several essential factors to consider when looking for the right auto shipping company.

Delivery Areas

A vital factor to check before adding a company to your shortlist is their delivery area. You don’t want to invest time researching a carrier if it turns out they won’t be able to fulfill your delivery due to not delivering where you need your vehicle. By checking their delivery areas first, you can cross them off the list without wasting precious time looking at other details. As with all courier services, chances are larger companies will have an extensive delivery network, but smaller outfits may have a limited delivery catchment.


Often what looks perfect on paper turns out to be not so in practice, which is where customer reviews are important. Looking at various review sites will give you a good idea of which companies are reputable and which aren’t. Also, look at independent review sites to see how a company compares to its competitors. For example, reviews of Easy Auto Ship let you see at a glance why so many people chose them over other auto carriers.


Being most expensive does not always equate to being the best, so consider what various auto shippers are offering for the price. Get quotes from several companies and compare the prices to help you make your choice. A quote that significantly undercuts the others should raise red flags and be discarded. In contrast, if a markedly more expensive quote offers the same services as the others, it’s not an economically sensible option. However, if that expensive option provides something unique and relevant that others don’t, it may be worth the step up in price.

Reputable carriers will have the necessary insurances, bonding, and licensing, so as well as checking carriers have these, check you’re not being hit with additional charges to cover these things.

Vehicle type used

Depending on the vehicle you’re having transported, the type of vehicle offered for transportation can be crucial. A standard model car will be fine on an open-sided multi-vehicle transporter, whereas you may prefer the security of an enclosed truck for a classic or luxury vehicle. Not all auto carriers offer motorbike shipping due to not fitting on a standard car transporter truck. Therefore, it’s essential to check the vehicle proposed for moving your motorbike is appropriate for the task.

There are plenty of situations where hiring an auto shipping company is the best option. Considering these essential factors while looking for a company to hire, you’ll be sure of using the best company for your needs.