The beautiful thing about Youtube is that anybody can do it. All you need is a camera or smartphone and an internet connection. Then, whatever you want to put out there will be posted and has the chance of finding an audience. 

It is not that simple to actually use Youtube as a means to make money, however. Random musings and low production value videos rarely find an audience that can be monetized. This may be fine if you are looking for a creative outlet or hobby, but to make money there needs to be more thought put into it. 

It starts with the right types of topics that can help you make some money either as a side hustle or even something to turn into a full-time income. In this article, we will go over the best topics that can bring in the views you need to make money.

1 – Religion and politics

The most viral types of videos are ones that deal with the two taboos of dinner conversation. Religion and politics are very popular topics that often will give the Youtube algorithm what it needs to keep feeding the audience the videos that keep them watching. 

The videos that have the biggest chance to go viral are ones that fit nicely into the algorithm. It’s not just any type of content that works within these niches, however. The best bet is to go with something thought-provoking or controversial. 

For instance, a religious topic that could work well is something like evidence of Jesus existence which is bound to be thought-provoking. Other topics that are controversial could also work, but you have to be careful with those types of content ideas as it can be a double-edged sword that brings the wrong kind of viewers. 

The same can be said of politics. The topics that do best are going to be ones that rile up a certain emotion in people. That can be good for views, but it can also bring negative attention and ruin your channel. 

However, when done correctly, these topics can bring in a lot of views and ad revenue as a result. The downside is that there are typically not many other ways to monetize the channel. The one exception could be setting up a Patreon account to get people donating so you can make more of the content they like. 

2 – Crafting

Youtube is essentially becoming a video search engine over time. People love the tutorials for all kinds of things they want to learn how to do. It’s better to have somebody show you how to do something than to read how on a blog. 

Crafting is a topic that is ripe for monetization. If you have any kind of expertise in a craft then it can translate into a very profitable channel. Make content that solves problems that people trying to make this craft often face. 

For instance, a knitting channel that shows how to use a variety of yarn to great effect will be very popular since beginners will want to know the tricks to use a different yarn. The list really is endless. The point is that problem-solving videos are always going to do well in the algorithm. 

Monetization is also very good so even a small following will translate into a tidy income. Besides the ad revenue, there is the option to sell patterns that can be downloaded from your website for a price. You can also sell an ebook from your website or offer courses for a monthly membership fee. 

3 – DIY home repairs

One of the best problem-solving topics that will get a lot of views is the home improvement niche which offers DIY solutions to common issues. 

There are so many angles that you can approach this from that will work. For instance, you could do a mix of informational content with some how-to-style videos. 

Choosing a niche that is trending is a good way to build a channel so when you create one you should focus on answering questions people have as well as showing them how to fix things. An example would be the bidet niche which has been growing because of the toilet paper shortage during the pandemic. Sprinkle in some plumbing question videos like how to pick the right size bidet for a toilet along with how to install a bidet toilet seat. 

Ads pay off very well for this topic on Youtube ads as the market is ready to spend to solve problems and are usually homeowners. A viral video can easily bring in hundreds of dollars. 

Other areas for monetization are to sell an ebook and also do a video course for a monthly membership on a website. 

4 – Cooking

The cooking niche is very saturated but there is a great way to find an audience to grow. A general cooking channel will have a hard time beating the big channels. But, finding a smaller niche to specialize in is a good way to build your viewership. 

For instance, if you live in the Southern US, then doing a creole or cajun cooking channel will help people make traditional recipes that they don’t often get exposed to. Any channel that focuses on a smaller topic is going to be much easier to grow since there will be less competition. 

People will also watch more of the video which is great for the algorithm. The reason for this is that if the recipe is unfamiliar or hard to master then the tips you give will be very helpful and encourage them to watch until the end. 

Once again, monetization can be with offering an ecookbook or cooking classes online but there are other possibilities. For instance, you could have a Patreon page that gives patrons a live cook along every week. Or, you could even do in-person cooking classes if people are willing to travel to where you are.