When you love someone unconditionally, it is natural to want to protect them by all means. The desire to know their whereabouts is valid provided you do it in a non-offensive manner. This post’s primary goal is to reveal some easy ways to monitor your spouse or kids’ activities without getting on their nerves.

Why Would You Want to Monitor Your Spouse or Kids?

Keeping Them Out of Danger

Ensuring safety should be the main reason for everyone who professes love for their spouse or kids to want to spy on them. Wanting to keep them safe demands more than just a call or text.  


If you suspect that your spouse is having an affair, you might want to spy on them to know the root course of the late-night calls, the giggles after every text message, and even in the worst-case scenario, why they come home late or don’t even show up at all.

 After seeing all these signs spying should feel like the right thing to do, especially if you have asked them about their sudden change of behavior and fail to respond.

Drug Abuse

Your spouse or kids could be indulging in drug abuse. If you suspect that this is the case, monitoring their every move is paramount.

Wrong Company

As the saying goes, bad company ruins good morals. Keeping your teenage daughter or son away from bad influence, especially on social media, is vital. You don’t want your kid to develop a character that might hurt their view of life in general.

Here Are Some Practical Ways To Monitor Your Spouse Or Kids

Keeping an eye on your spouse or kids might require you to invest in some excellent and reliable spyware. The following are some of the easy and affordable ways to achieve your spying goals.

 Cell phone

A cell phone is a primary way you can easily monitor the whereabouts of your loved ones. Everyone keeps their phone with them most of the time; hence it is a brilliant way to collect information. All you need to do is install spyware on their phone, and you can check all their activities.

The mSpy app

It is the top tracking application used for tracking cellphones. It is best to catch a cheater text messages undetected. The app allows you to monitor multiple things like who your spouse or kids call or text, the apps they use, their locations, and the number of contacts they have on their phone.

The Phone Sheriff 

The Phone Sheriff app’s most fantastic feature is that it allows you to set the time limits on your kid’s cellphone, hence keeping them from using their phone for too long. The app shuts down after the specified time lapses. As it shuts down, the phone goes off as well.

Mobicip App

This app tracks and controls your kid’s online life. The middle school level of the app blocks online shopping, liquor, gambling, and dating sites. The high school levels block all sexual and violent content.

Put a Tracker On Their Car

Nothing sucks like being lied to. We all know the overly misused “I’m traveling for a business meeting” lie spouses use when having an affair. What if I told you could place a trucker in their car to know their whereabouts in real-time. 

Another way is getting your spouse or kid an electric car with an app. With a smartphone, you can track your spouse’s activity from how fast they drive to everywhere they stopped.

Surveillance Cameras

Most parents hire baby sitters or nannies to look after their kids while they go out for work. Surveillance keeps you updated on all the happenings at home. The best part is that even when you are away, you can check their activities from your cellphone. 

You can also monitor your spouse with the cameras to know how they are and when they get home or leave.

Wrapping Up

It may seem wrong but sometimes spying on your spouse is the only way to keep your sanity. Hence, the apps above come in handy in monitoring the activities of your spouse or kids.