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The 10 Biggest Data Breaches and Their Causes [Infographic]

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Technology is quickly developing, and while that’s a huge advantage for many companies, it can also be a hindrance as well. Because of the huge advancement of technology and the Internet, it is also a cause of why companies’s data is being breached or hacked into. This causes company information to be spread to different groups, as well as consumers being affected as their information is leaked as well. These data can go into the wrong hands, and when it does, it can get ugly.

Luckily, there are solutions, and RedPixie is one of them. With their services, you and your company will have fewer chances of being at risk from being breached.

This infographic shows the 10 top companies with data that is being hacked into, as well as its main causes as to why their information is easily breached. In here, you will be surprised to find out that big and reputable names are the ones that have information being leaked, and it isn’t the company at risk, but their consumers as well!

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