There is a massive amount of useful information to be gleaned from the internet as well as numerous games and sites which include online casinos like where players can spend some quality time on their favourite games whenever and wherever they choose.

This explosion we have seen surrounding online casinos goes hand in hand with the advancement we have enjoyed in technology as well as our Wi-Fi connections becoming more reliable and wide-spread.

Unfortunately, this has led to mobile gambling and its associated addiction rising in recent years. A report carried out by the National Problem Gambling Clinic (NPGC) shows that the number of players that have a tendency towards addiction and gambling has risen from 24% (2012-13) to 63% in 2016-17.

The report was published by the BBC and also shows that the total number of gambling addicts that were referred to the NHS-supported clinic increased form 632 patients in 2012-13 to 778 patients in 2016-17.

Fifty-nine percent of the above total were treated for problems that related to fixed odds betting terminals, whilst 59% have struggled with sport betting at land based sites. Interestingly 8% of NPGC patients reported that their gambling problems related to games of bingo.

It must be understood that these gambling issues are not a direct result of the gambling industry unwillingness to warn and advise players of the dangers of gambling addiction, indeed all good online casinos carry direct links to gamble aware or other such similar sites, and make efforts to let their players know about the possible dangers of gambling too much.  Responsible gambling is always the way to go and is actively promoted by all good online casino sites.

A spokesperson for the UK’s Department of Digital, Culture, Meia and Sport has called for the Gambling Industry to take even further action over the issue of gambling addiction, saying that there is clearly more work needed in this area. Get rid of all this addiction is similar to meth withdrawal treatment that you can check out here.

There is currently another review of the gambling sector being carried out which includes looking at social responsibility measures across the industry, including protections the surround gambling advertising.

Yet the blame of gambling addiction when it occurs cannot be firmly placed at the door of the gambling industry, indeed a number of major software companies are working on apps that block gaming sites from the phones and tablets of problem gamblers.

Reaping the benefits of advanced technology has opened up many more avenues for people to source their entertainment and excitement fixes using their smartphones, but if you suspect that a loved one is spending more time than usual on their phones or that their behaviour has changed then please check out the link you can find either using search or using the link you can find at the bottom of the online casinos home page.