If you do a quick search for “small business technology”, you’ll be bombarded by results. These days, if your business doesn’t use all the tech that could be helping it, you could risk being taken out by your competitors. If you’re neglecting certain pieces of technology, it won’t be long until you feel the negative effects. Here are a few pieces of technology which you can’t afford to neglect.



First of all, going mobile. Mobile-optimised websites are nothing new. However, a lot of small business owners still manage to overlook it completely. You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, so act on it this time! Countless modern consumers are using mobile devises to search for any kind of business. Due to this, I’m sure you don’t want your site to be one of the millions which doesn’t work on mobile devices. Talk to whoever’s in charge of your web design, and make sure it’s optimised for tablets and smartphones. Remember to monitor consumer trends too. As wearable technology becomes more prominent, you can expect to see more and more of your customers using them to shop.



Video conferencing is another piece of tech which is going to become more and more essential. These days, the meaning of the word “office” is changing so fast it’s making my head spin! These days, a lot of businesses are formed by a few young professionals from several remote locations. Through the dependability of modern communications and cloud storage, this is only going to become a bigger and bigger trend. If you’re sick of using clunky video chatting software, then look around for a video conferencing service. With this tech, you’ll be able to have smooth face-to-face video conversations with anyone you like. This will ensure you can maintain a personal touch with your partners and employees, no matter where they are. You can find out more about these useful programs here.

Perhaps your business is still in its early stage. Like many, your employees might be spread out across different geographical locations. In this case, I strongly recommend using a virtual office. This will still allow you to skip out on all the costs of renting a physical office, but still reap a lot of the benefits. You’ll get a dedicated address in a business-heavy area, which will improve your professional image. You’ll also be able to take advantage of improved communications and virtual assistants. Some companies will even rent out conference rooms for their clients at a reduced cost. You can get a virtual business address here to start. If your competitors are already using virtual offices, then you may have lost a lot of business to them already. When a potential customer sees that your firm is registered to a house rather than an office, your professional image will suffer!

If you’ve been putting off integrating these pieces of tech, then it’s time to start upgrading. When you’re in-step with modern technology, your business will run more smoothly and your competitors will be less of a threat. Make the right changes, and be sure to carry on monitoring business tech.