If you love discovering what you can accomplish with a computer or you’re always on top of the latest technologies, you might be considered a techie. While that distinction might not make you popular in school, it will make you popular in the job market. While other fields are not doing well, computer technology skills are in demand. If you’re ready to get into this growing industry but the thought of obtaining a degree seems daunting, take advantage of online degree programs. Consider these careers you can get with online degrees that will tap into your inner geek:

Tech Company Leadership


Image via Flickr by Nguyen Vu Hung

If you are always impressed by tech companies like Google and Facebook, strive to work at one or even start your own. There are many opportunities for leadership within this type of company. Depending on your strengths and interests, you could choose to go into business development, product management, financial analysis, or other aspects of management. For these types of jobs, an article for The Wall Street Journal explains that many tech companies are looking for candidates with a Master of Business Administration, or an MBA, degree. You can earn an online MBA AACSB through Villanova University.

Software Developers

Software developers create programs and systems for computers and mobile devices. You can find a job with software publishers, design firms, and other companies. Here is a list of software engineer jobs you can find. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 22 percent increase in job outlook in this career from 2012 to 2022, which is significantly faster than the average job growth rate of 11 percent. You can get into this growing field with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or even with an MBA, especially with a focus in information systems.

Graphic Designers

Companies need graphic designers to provide them with visually-appealing, user-friendly and interactive websites and mobile applications. As a graphic designer, you will be invaluable as companies try to keep up with changing website and mobile trends. You will have opportunities with web-based companies, marketing agencies, and other avenues. You could even work as a graphic design freelancer. To get into this field, you will need an online bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

Computer Programmers

You will be in high demand if you become a computer programmer, working behind the scenes with code on websites and mobile applications. This is a necessary job for tech companies and every other type of company that uses computers. U.S. News Money reports that there is a shortage of workers in this profession. Therefore, your odds of finding a job are high, especially if you have an understanding of more than one programming language or programming plus a specialty like finance.  Companies do not always require a programmer to have a degree, but you will have more opportunities with an internet technology or computer science degree.

With an online degree, you can land a career in one of these jobs or many other options. Now is the time to be a techie, with endless opportunities and job growth in technology careers.