Anyone who’s serious about betting will already probably have converted to using betting exchanges like Betfair rather than a traditional bookmaker’s site. Exchanges generally offer excellent prices for people who want to back a football team in a match or a horse in a race like the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, for example, but if the odds that are on offer don’t appeal, you can ask for better odds and see if someone is willing to accept your bet. Alternatively, if you don’t like the look of the selection, you can choose to lay (accept) the bet.

Betting traders aren’t so interested in the outcome of a particular event; instead they make their money by watching the movement of the odds on a betting exchange and aim to predict this movement, a little like stock market professionals trade the movement in prices of companies, commodities and foreign exchange.

Anyone can trade bets, you don’t have to be a pro, but you won’t get far without the use of one of the many trading apps that are available to download. If you use a Betfair betting app you’ll be able to monitor many different betting markets at once, in sports as varied as basketball, football and ice-hockey, so you can keep an eye on different sports and fixtures and place bets quickly and easily with one-click betting.

Using a trading betting app, you can lock in profit before a particular event is even over. With rapid refresh rates and one-click betting, as well as ladder trading and the ability to trade in Dutching(place several back bets) or Bookmaking mode (place several lay bets), you’re able to cover all possible outcomes of a race or match so that you can always make a profit.

Betfair apps include the possibility of automated betting, where you can set your betting criteria and limits, including trigger or conditional betting and automated cash out,and then let the software do the work of monitoring the markets and placing your bets for you. Ideal when you don’t have time to sit and watch the markets yourself.

For anyone who’s thinking about getting into betting trading, all of the Betfair apps come with a free trial before you pay for a subscription, and you can use the simulation mode when you’re first working out your system using virtual instead of real cash. When you can try the product for free at no financial risk whatsoever, what’s there to lose?