It’s impossible to overstate the impact COVID-19 has had on the world. The virus has ground daily life in many cities to a halt. Efforts to reduce the spread forced office buildings and non-essential businesses to close and people to work remotely from home, leaving only for essentials.

But brick-and-mortar stores were scrambling to pivot towards digital long before cities went on partial or temporary lockdown. E-commerce’s dominance has grown steadily year after year, while COVID-19 has only accelerated the transition.

Companies are right to fear they could get left behind if they can’t quickly learn to ride the digital wave. The good news is that digital product development companies are there to support you at every stage of the development lifecycle, and they’re invested in your long-term success. Here is what they do.

Initial Alignment

Industry-leading digital product development companies like Red Thread Innovations have a deep alignment process where they learn everything about their client’s mission and the core of their business. They must reach a place of true understanding before knowing which digital solution best meets their goals.

No two companies have the same needs, and the digital solutions required may vary widely. Below are just some of the services offered:

  • Mobile app development
  • Custom software development
  • Web apps such as custom portals
  • Evolution and growth of existing digital products

How are your customers looking to buy your product and engage or interact with your brand? Do you have digital assets that meet these goals, and if so, could they be improved? Are you sure that the answers to these questions are the same as they were this time last year?

The digital product development company you partner with uses customer discovery and business strategy to help answer these questions, but they can only do so after truly understanding your company.

Planning and Testing

Once the goals are determined and an understanding is reached, they’ll work closely with you and bring their agile and design-forward mindset to every stage of the development lifecycle. Their creative, multidisciplinary approach lets them pursue the best path possible, while commitment to full transparency makes a project’s true status easy to know.

Proper guidance at the outset helps start-ups reach minimum viable product sooner, but the initial support they receive continues long after. The best digital product development companies will keep testing and analyzing your success after the launch, so you can make tweaks and improvements where possible.

At a time when consumer demands and business conditions have changed rapidly and are still in flux, it’s more important than ever to iterate on the product and ensure it is continuously aligned with the market and shifting business priorities. The digital product development company you engage will be right by your side throughout the life of the product.

The vast and complex tech and business landscapes have always been exciting places that pose intriguing challenges for companies. If you want to out-navigate your rivals in these spaces amid difficult and changing conditions, partner with a digital product development company that can help you take advantage of the digital landscape.