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Introducing Multivariate Marketing 

It’s always a hard task to figure out which marketing techniques are the best, and oftentimes it requires a tedious routine of trial and error. With multivariate marketing, the process of testing various advertisement techniques is enhanced by using a number of marketing methods as…

science behind search

[Infographic] The Science Behind Search 

As you consider getting a library science degree, keep in mind the multitude of ways in which libraries have changed in the digital age. Search engines have become knowledge centers, and librarians are charged with understanding them. Start your education now – see our latest infographic…


Sears Coupons are the Best! 

Sears coupons are a wonderful way to save on anything from home improvement equipment to baby clothes. Even gym equipment and school supplies, you are sure to benefit from the Sears discounts available today. But just what is a Sears coupon, and how can you…