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App Dev

Android App Design Tips 

As of mid-2014, there were over 1.3 million Android apps. That creates a lot of competition. App developers can make their designs more successful by following these seven tips. Design for the Device Image via Flickr by pittaya Most of today’s smartphones and tablets have…

Web Design

What Is Your Website Missing? 

For businesses, bloggers, and anyone looking to promote a message, a user-friendly website is the cornerstone for gaining support and prospects in today’s world. Many marketers hail social media as the holy grail, and be all and end all, the Alpha and Omega, but the…

7 Tips For Designing An Exhibition Stand

Creating An Outstanding Exhibition Stand 

Creating an impressive exhibition stand is essential if you want to create a lasting and favourable impression while standing out at trade shows. It’s true, first impressions count for a lot and that is especially true when you’re trying to attract traffic to your stand….