Tag: Computer security


IBM Unveils Ultra-Dense Computer Chips 

Looking around, it’s quite easy for one to come to the conclusion that our computational prowess has reached a level at which not much else really needs to be done. We have smartphones that are eminently fast, games that are near-photorealistic, and supercomputers that can…


Review: Bitdefender Small Office Security 

In the recent past the number of cybercrimes has been on a rise. Small businesses have increasingly become a target a fact that can be attributed to the assumption that most small businesses lack the security monitoring and management capabilities that is commonly exhibited by…

Cookies Can Be Good for your Health 

These days, cookies rule the online world. You can often be startled at just how accurate the ads targeting your PC can be – even when you have really diverse interests. For those of us with an interest in financial matters – cookies can be…