SlideModel is a presentation templates provider containing an amazing catalog of slide designs that can be used to make professional presentations.

Creative themes and PowerPoint templates are a great tool to impress your audience the next time you deliver a presentation. Users of SlideModel’s templates can create modern presentations with a look and feel aligned to current designs trends, and not with the aesthetics of late 90’s corporate presentations.

powerpoint templates

It works as a subscription-based website, so you need to sign up to any of the available plans in order to get access to the premium content. Once you become a member, you can start downloading the content to your own computer, or upload it to your prefered cloud account.

By getting access to this vast catalog of editable templates for presentations, you can save many hours of work by filling text placeholders and manipulating the shapes. SlideModel templates are designed with usability in mind; no designing skills are required. The final design will be a highly attractive presentation; without a doubt it will look out of the ordinary and will differentiate from the templates provided by default in Microsoft PowerPoint.


The collection of PowerPoint templates include all sorts of designs, from pre-designed diagrams in PowerPoint for different topics and industries (funnel diagram, fishbone diagrams, Venn diagrams, timelines, org charts, SWOT analysis template) to complete presentation slide decks for any specific theme need such as a Marketing strategy presentation template, a Pitch Deck template or a Master Thesis final presentation template.

The following screenshot shows an example of a roadmap slide in the PowerPoint editor demonstrating how easy it is to change the shape properties, such as shape colors.

roadmap powerpoint

SlideModel intended to be used either by individuals looking to prepare a presentation project, or SMEs highly needing to be innovative, creative and flexible when creating professional presentations. For SMEs, the Annual Plans offer a cost-effective solution to give access to team members of any organization.

How SlideModel Works?

  1. Visit website and subscribe to any of the available plans.
  2. Browse the catalog of presentation templates to locate the design that best fit your needs. You can also browse the catalog looking for additional elements to combine in your presentation. Download the template and open it in PowerPoint.
  3. Fill the text placeholders with your own content or apply changes to shapes accordingly.
  4. Save your presentation and present it or share it with your colleagues.

Here is the typical scenario of an employee who is running late to make a sales presentation. He needs to prepare a sales presentation by using the data provided by an internal corporate sales report.

He want to impress the board of Directors or company investors so relying on the ordinary white-background design of PowerPoint could not be a bright idea. Instead, he visits and searches for Sales Report templates and download the designs that best fit his needs. He realizes it is very easy to edit the data by filling text placeholders and combine the editable maps into the slides. By using this approach, he could finish his presentation on time and have more time available to rehearse it, plus the final results can help to complete the job with a great success and have a very good impression on the audience.

Key Benefits of as a productivity tool

  • Large catalog of professional presentation designs. More than 10,000 designs are advertised and fresh content is added periodically, the catalog is increasing its size every week.
  • Templates are 100% editable as were created with PowerPoint built-in shapes. Shapes are vector images that allow to be resized without losing image quality.
  • Affordable plans either for individual presenters as well as large businesses. Annual plans are presented as a cost-effective solution for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
  • High-class support service. Read real testimonials clicking here.

Conclusion can help to fight Death by PowerPoint by letting access to a fresh & pre-designed collection of presentation templates with attractive designs. Instead of relying on outdated and downright ugly PowerPoint templates out there, you can use SlideModel as a Swiss-Army Knife to complete your presentation job on time.