There are many companies and businesses that require the use of petrol, and this means the safe storage of what is a potentially very dangerous substance. As well as ensuring that your business follows regulations, that were updated in 2014, to avoid prosecution, you should also look to comply with health and safety regulations, ensure the long-term validity of the petrol, and provide a safe working environment for all those that will come in contact or work within the vicinity of the stored petrol.


Different regulations exist for companies that store and dispense petrol, compared to those that just store but do not dispense the substance. Where petrol is dispensed, the company or person that owns the premises must meet the requirements set out in The Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014, but this isn’t necessary if the fuel is only stored at a location before being transported elsewhere.

You should always ensure that fuel is stored in a suitable container, according to the amount of fuel and the length of time that it will be stored for. Commercial Fuel Solutions offers a range of fuel tanks and containers that include bunded oil tanks. Bunded tanks are considered the safest option, because they essentially offer a tank within a tank. Any leakage from the internal tank is captured by the external, preventing the oil from getting into the drains, the water, or the soil, and preventing spills that can become dangerous.

fuel tanks and containers

Even when petrol and oil are stored properly, you should avoid any naked flames or other potential sources of ignition being brought into the close vicinity of the substance. Petrol is highly flammable, and it is the vapours that will ignite before the liquid catches fire. This means that a naked flame does not have to be directly next to the petrol in order for it to catch fire. It also means that poorly stored petrol can be a potentially major hazard to all those around.

The proper dispensary and other equipment should be used. These will be made from appropriate materials, may be reinforced, and will usually be flame retardant in order to prevent any accident from becoming a major incident. People working around the petrol or oil should wear proper protective clothing and be properly trained in the handling and storage of flammable liquids.

Following the appropriate petrol storage and dispensary regulations helps ensure that you store and handle highly flammable liquids safely and securely. They can protect you and your employees from major disaster, and will help ensure that the petrol or oil that you store remains viable for as long as possible.