The happiest day of the year for shopaholics is coming. Prices turn not into pumpkins, but into amazing discount offers, and everyone can award themselves with brand new things from the wish list. This is not magic, but Black Friday 2020! However, where to find the best offers for electronics? Let’s figure out.

Top-5 Positions in Demand

The most anticipated sales on Black Friday are sales on electronics. Hundreds of products will become much more affordable, increasing excitement among users. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to:

  •  household appliances;
  •  smartphones;
  •  laptops and tablets;
  •  TV, audio, and video;
  •  gadgets and accessories.

Thankfully, all Black Friday deals 2020 are collected in one place. We understand that you don’t have time to follow the novelties on the market. Companies are developing and integrating new technologies into products exponentially. For many improvements in gadgets, you have to pay a considerable sum, so the November sale is a chance to get a cool device for less money.

Top-3 Stores to Buy Electronics on Black Friday

Gifts for loved ones, the long-awaited update of PC, accessories for sports and entertainment – it’s hard not to lose your head with so many offers. Now, let’s pay attention to the exact stores you should consider on BF day.

1) Walmart

This retailer launched its BF sale at 7 p.m. ET on Nov. 4. Additionally, the chain will conduct 3 huge promos this month. Offline sales will start at 5 a.m. on Nov. 7. The best offers will concentrate on gadgets and household goods. For example, you can save on buying the following items:

  •  MSI GF65 gaming laptop at $799 (save $180);
  •  HP Pavilion i5 GTX1650 Gaming laptop at $449 (save $140);
  •  iRobot Roomba 670 Robot Vacuum at $177 (save $67).

Walmart promos will also take place next week by the same scheme, with discounts on electronics available on the website (Nov. 11) and in-stores (Nov. 14). The week after that, there will be special deals on gadgets, clothes, and household items.

2) Best Buy

Best Buy offers a similar quick sale plan called “Wish List Sale” for the whole month. Then, all BF offers will be available on Nov. 22. For example, you can take advantage of buying the following items:

  •  Samsung QLED TV 50` at $497.99 (save $152);
  •  Microsoft Xbox series X 1TB Console at $499.99;
  •  HP 13` 2-in-1 Laptop at $749.99 (save $250).

Best Buy provides contactless pick-up, same-day delivery, and free next-day shipment across the USA. The retailer’s planners seem to have taken into account the increasing loads on shipment services, announcing that customers will get an opportunity to receive orders from UPS and CVS points across the USA.

3) Target

This store prolongs the BF sale like its competitors. A few promos are already on the website. Further promotions will be launched every week starting from Nov. 12. Buyers can arrange free pick-up or the same-day shipment via Shipt.

As BF discounts are more accessible than before, Target’s price match service will come in handy. Clients may request a price adjustment for any proposals offered at a smaller price at retailer’s shops or on the official site on Christmas.

The biggest distinction from 2018-2019 is the equal distribution of sales between various weeks and days. Promos will be divided by type, so electronics geeks don’t have to compete with other buyers, including parents who buy toys at the last minute. Enjoy!