You might want to root your phone and install some custom ROM for it. For some time you will surely enjoy the new firmware but after some time you would definitely want the old stock ROM back in your phone. After all, it is the stock ROM that can give you the absolute Android experience, which is the very reason that prompted you to buy your phone in the first place. These days you can easily go on the internet and get stock ROM download for Android phones. You need not worry about the product quality on these sites – even if they happen to be third-party sites.

The matter of security

In most cases, the websites that allow you to download such software the software is itself provided by the makers of the smart-phone in question. So, in case you face any issues with the downloaded you can always get in touch with the support team of said service provider and convey your grievances. These service providers mostly have stock ROMs of all the smart-phone makers out there. However, even if they have missed out any by chance you can always get in touch with them and ask them to update their lists.

Quite often these service providers also give you universal serial buses (USBs) for the Android smart-phones whose stock ROM is being downloaded by you. In case you want said products you can always go and check out the USB drivers’ page of the service provider in question. You can also check out the Android root guide page of these service providers if you want tutorials for firmware upgrade, custom ROM installation, stock ROM installation, and rooting as well.

Why should you get stock ROM?

There are a lot of people who try custom ROM and then just want to come back to their stock ROM. In such situations it is pretty obvious that the custom ROM did not work for them – and there could be several reasons for the same. In such cases people are confused – should they keep the custom ROM that is evidently not working for them or do they look for the stock ROM that they want so badly. Well, there are many reasons as to why you should go for stock ROM over custom ROM.

Getting the latest and most-stable version

In case you are using a smart-phone from one of the leading manufacturers out there, the chances of you receiving updates on a regular basis are always high. This means that with a stock firmware you are always getting the latest and strongest version to work with. Since they are coming through the official channel you can always trust them to be stable. You can also be sure that they will provide top-class performance. As opposed to the custom ROMs that happen to be under cooked in nature this should come as great relief to you. Quite often these ROMs have plenty of errors and bugs that can really make your life miserable.