Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity in every economic sector. Today Bitcoin has a cutthroat competitor. Same as Bitcoin, Ethereum has shown a very stable price in the past few years. Today many mainstream businesses are using it as a mode of payment. It has been grabbing the attention of crypto investors ever since 2017. If you are interested in cryptocurrency trading, then visit to know more about it. ETH is a blockchain coin by Ethereum. Today the gross value of this virtual tender is 380 billion USD dollars. The value of ETH surged at a noticeable speed last year.

Ethereum network provides a set of opportunities for its users in the cryptocurrency field, but its capabilities are far more expansive. That is why many say it will provide more return on investment in upcoming years. If you are also interested, read this article carefully.

Choosing an appropriate platform for trading

Identifying a platform as per your requirement and convenience is essential to begin your trading journey. Today, trading platforms are abundant, such as Coinswitch, Kuber, Coinbase, etc. 

There are two types of crypto platforms; first, which accept fiat currency for selling or buying virtual tokens. Another type of platform runs entirely from digital coins to digital coins, also known as (C2C). 

Investors interested in trading more than one cryptocurrency are highly advised to use C2C platforms. One will exchange its previous currency for a new coin like you can buy Ethereum with Dogecoin in these platforms.

The most crucial element in crypto trading is that your trading platform should be reliable. Currently, there are many reported frauds regarding theft and counterfeiting. So, always check the reviews for your platform to guarantee its authenticity and other convenient factors before deciding to invest your money in it.

Setting up an account

After selecting a trading platform that suits your requirement, the next step is to make an account in that exchange. Here, users have to give their personal information like name, residential address, and mobile number. In addition, you need to submit a legal Id for verification of your background.

 After you are done, click on create an account, and it will take up to 5 minutes to set up your account. Of course, you must not provide any fake document, as in this case, you will be banned from the platform.

After this, the exchange will verify all your information and clearance to move further. Now you need to upload some demanded documents, and then the exchange will give you a green chit for trading. 

Depositing fiat currency

The process is straightforward if you operate through a platform that accepts legal tender. However, the exchange requires the user to submit the bank details to add money. But the addition of cryptocurrency in C2C platforms is quite tricky as you need to meet the terms and conditions as some platforms only allow a minimum of 10 dollars to as high as you like. Moreover, they charge a gas fee for all the daily dealing, whereas some charge according to buy and sell volume.

Start your trading journey.

Now, if you own a verified account and monetary balance, you can buy Ethereum and many other virtual tokens. Of course, every exchange differs from functioning to looking at the interface. But each exchange works as a third party in buying and selling. So it would be best if you read about the previous history of a token before putting money in it.

Transfer Ethereum into E-wallet

After you are done buying Ethereum now, you can transfer it into the wallet you own; it can be a hot, offline, or physical wallet. Always go with a physical wallet as they are more secure than any other E-Wallet type because of the absence of any link to connection systems. Transferring ETH from C2C platforms is very time-consuming, but you can do it within a blink of an eye with fiat currency wallets.

Ethereum is more compressed than any other cryptocurrency today. The market cap of this token is increasing with nominal fluctuations. Any investor can become a part of this fantastic community, not waste time, and start trading today.