It’s the beginning of summer and your teen is already bored. You’re looking for teen summer internships in Chicago and wish there was an app that helps you in your search. Guess what? There IS an app that helps teens and adults find after-school activities and programs! It’s called Spotivity and here’s a list of everything this game-changing app has to offer.


Find Your Ideal Summer Internship

Teen summer internships in Chicago are of immense value – even if they’re unpaid. Teens can connect academics with real world experience, better understand their goals for college, develop marketable skills, become part of a professional network, and increase self-confidence. Once you download the Spotivity app from Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and sign up, you can easily find and access any activity in your area. You can broaden your search to the entire city or narrow it down to your neighborhood – the dynamic map on the home screen lets you view the location and find out the best way to navigate to the activity.

Discover Hundreds of After-School Programs

The Spotivity app offers access to hundreds of after school activities for teens covering diverse domains ranging from after school sports, education, health, arts, mentoring, volunteerism programs and much more. The high school years are the best period to explore interests, pick up valuable expertise and start building a portfolio of skills. Unfortunately many teens waste these years because they can’t find the right program for them.

Spotivity for Program Directors

Spotivity is not just for teens and parents – it is also for program directors to showcase their offerings to others. Spotivity is a platform that connects teens or parents of teens looking for after school activities with service providers. Spotivity offers two packages for program directors – the Starter package and the Pro package.  These packages offer varying back-end administration and communication support features and are easily scalable.

Unique Features for Easy Search and Safe Check-In

No matter what you are interested in – sports or education programs for teens in Chicago – Spotivity lets you find the perfect match easily and safely. There are many unique features in this app to put parents’ minds at ease while making it cool for teens to digitally engage with their parents. There’s an optional parent tethering feature that lets parents know when their teen have checked into an activity. Users can also favorite programs that they may have an interest in but would like to come back to at a later time..

Fun, Excitement with Social Networking

How can enrolling in a teens tutoring program in Chicago turn into a fun, hip activity? Spotivity offers a great point system and social status rewards program designed to make commitment fun and challenging. Every time a user checks into an activity or engages with a platform, points are accrued. Accrued points result in leaderboard rankings and there are three integrated leaderboards in the system. The more points you accrue, the higher your position on the leaderboard. Users can invite friends to use the platform and begin a friendly competition for achievements! Digital Badges are the result of points accumulation and each user can proudly show off for all to see!

The Spotivity app is the next big thing to hit the after-school programs industry. Not only does it make it easier for users to find the best teens activities, it does so in a fun and engaging way.  Download the app now and discover for yourself!