In recent times, Spotify is the leading music streaming service offering a gigantic library of popular soundtracks, albums, podcasts, and whatnot. However, it is unfortunate that people can only access their favorite music with a premium subscription, where music comes in an encrypted format. It means no other music player can play your downloaded music from Spotify.

This restricted listening makes us design something that can convert Spotify to an easy-to-read format like MP3. Here, we highlight the most incredible piece of SpotiKeep Spotify to MP3 Converter. Now, it’s easy to convert Spotify to MP3 format and enjoy our beloved songs sitting at the comfort of your couch. Still wondering how it works, let’s dive into the detailed review of SpotiKeep.

SpotiKeep Spotify to MP3 Converter

Why Choose SpotiKeep Spotify to MP3 Converter

Just as the name amplifies, SpotiKeep Spotify to MP3 Converter can convert Spotify music into accessible MP3 format so to enable an uninterrupted offline listening experience. The basic functionality of SpotiKeep is to remove the protection of DRM from Spotify songs to make them playable outside of Spotify player. It makes SpotiKeep an exclusive Spotify to MP3 Converter with all the necessary features to provide a lifetime music experience.

Features of SpotiKeep Spotify to MP3 Converter

· Convert Spotify to MP3 Effortlessly

SpotiKeep Spotify to MP3 Converter can make you play soundtracks on any of your devices with perfection. Moreover, you have a range of audio formats to choose like MP3, M4A, FLAC, and WAV. Therefore, SpotiKeep will let you decode Spotify music into plain audio formats to make them playable on a phone, PC, MP3 recorder, and other music devices.

· Lossless Audio Output Quality

The most exciting thing is that with the conversion of Spotify to MP3 format, the music feels remain the same. It means SpotiKeep will maintain the originality of the Spotify songs when you play downloaded music offline. SpotiKeep truly gives an unmatched performance as Spotify to MP3 Converter without disturbing the sound quality.

· Clean Interface and Friendly User Experience

The most intriguing element of SpotiKeep Spotify to MP3 Converter is its clean operational background with no ad interference. So, for any novice SpotiKeep user, they will not find this Spotify to MP3 Converter very user-friendly.

It is because SpotiKeep developers have made it solely to focus on converting Spotify songs into MP3 format in simple terms. That’s why SpotiKeep has simple features to enjoy Spotify music offline in an instant with no complex programming.

· Keep Original ID3 Tags of Spotify Music

The SpotiKeep as Spotify to MP3 Converter can keep music quality intact and preserves the ID3 tags and metadata information of songs you downloaded. Therefore, even if you download a batch of music albums or podcasts of your favorite artists, arranging Spotify songs is quick and effortless.

· 5X Faster Conversion Speed

SpotiKeep as Spotify to MP3 Converter offers a high-speed conversion rate compared to other music players. You have the option to convert Spotify to MP3 format at five times faster speed than the regular speed. Pick out a music list from Spotify, make them convert in MP3 format, and your favorite music is on the play in an instant.

Thus, SpotiKeep is an ideal Spotify to MP3 Converter with the highest conversion speed but, not to forget its dependence on a stable network connection and appropriate medium.

How to Convert Music from Spotify to MP3 with SpotiKeep

Thanks to this remarkable converter, now we have an easy and straightforward method to keep our favorite Spotify music to ourselves permanently. To start with, please download and install SpotiKeep Spotify to MP3 Converter on your window or MAC system.

Step 1. Copy Spotify URL

When you launch the converter, it will spontaneously connect with the Spotify app. On Spotify, right-click on your favorite song, album, or playlist, and go to “Share” > “Copy Spotify URL.”

Copy Spotify URL

Step 2. Add Spotify Music to SpotiKeep

After copying the URL link of Spotify music, paste it into the input bar of the SpotiKeep interface. You can create your list of Spotify by clicking on the “Add File” option. Or, in the case of a whole playlist, a” Select All” button can help you ticking out every song from the pasted album link.

SpotiKeep Spotify to MP3 Converter Add File

Step 3. Customize Output Settings

After adding up the Spotify songs on the waiting list of SpotiKeep, the next thing is to select the output Preference Settings. This converter has a default setting of MP3 format for the output music. You can transform the settings as per your preference by clicking on the “Browse” option.

With the tab of “Open Folder,” you can easily navigate where your downloaded music has been saved. Furthermore, there is an “Advanced” tab option in the preferences menu to change bitrate (kbps) as per your liking.

SpotiKeep Spotify to MP3 Converter Output Settings

Step 4. Convert Spotify to MP3

In the final step, as you have to make necessary settings, tap on “Convert All” to appear at the top-right corner of the interface. Now, wait for SpotiKeep to download and convert Spotify to MP3 format and click on the “finished tab.” Finally, your beloved Spotify music can be played on any device and player.

SpotiKeep Spotify to MP3 Converter Processing


Hopefully, we provide you enough information about the superior SpotiKeep Spotify to MP3 Converter for music fans. You can easily pick out a free trial version to get an idea of SpotiKeep before moving to the premium subscription. The smooth functioning and exceptional performance are the main reasons we give SpotiKeep top priority among other Spotify to MP3 Converters. So, give SpotiKeep a thumbs up and have a lifetime experience of listening to your favorite music offline.