Sports betting is becoming more widespread as more and more states and countries are finally signing it into law. This is just really good news for the industry as more revenues will be coming in the next few years.

In the United States, more and more territories are finally allowing its operations after the Supreme Court of the country decided to strike down the Professional and Amateur Act or PASPA of 1992

For the longest time, PASPA has been the reason why the majority of the states in the US can’t legalize and regulate sports wagering. The state of New Jersey wanted to already regulate betting in the state and so it challenged the existing Act. It was in May 2018 when the Supreme Court has stricken it down.

What this meant for the states in the US is that they can now decide on their own whether they would want to legalize and regulate sports betting within their territories.

Currently, the US already has 20 states that have already signed into betting law. However not all 20 have already launched it. For states like Michigan and Illinois, the locals may have to wait at least until mod this year to place their bets locally.

Meanwhile, a few states like New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Delaware are already taking bets from the locals and neighboring states that haven’t launched betting just yet.

The United States is a great example of how sports wagering is becoming widespread. Other countries like the UK, Australia, and India are also big on wagering as these countries are also big sports fans.

However, countries like India still see betting as an illegal operation and this is why India betting sites are mainly located offshore. The country doesn’t really have a law that exactly prohibits the locals to wager on sports through offshore online bookies.

The same goes for Australia. It does regulate sports betting but there are restrictions. Because of these, the Aussies are also turning to offshore bookies to be able to place their bets. Meanwhile, the UK is making more efforts to protect its locals from the risks of online gambling. What they did is to implement new regulations that help protect the younger people from the harms of gambling and to make sure that the operators only accent bets from adults.

Now, it’s great that these countries appear to be making their own efforts to protect their residents from the possible harm of gambling online. This includes getting scammed or involved in fraudulent activities. Still, as a player who wants to place your bets online, you still have to make sure that you have your own precautionary practices to be sure that you’re betting on a safe site.

Here are some practices that you should have when placing your bets online:

. Check The Site’s Reputation

Checking the site’s reputation is simply a must. This includes checking its license, reading reviews of other websites or players from a different site, and checking its internet presence. 

. Shop Around Before You Register With An Account

Know that online bookies offer different odds. To get the most from what you’re betting, consider taking a look at around 3 bookies before you create an account and make a deposit. This will help you determine if a bookie is taking advantage of you with bad odds. 

Some online bookies also offer to sign up bonuses and promos. Online bookies that are affiliated with online casinos or offer online casino services themselves would offer or reward their customers with free spins or tokens. That’s something you may want to take advantage of. 

. Deposit The Minimum First And Give It A Try

If you are still hesitant about signing up after reading reviews from other customers, then give the online bookie a try first by only wagering with the minimum amount. Just make sure that you read the fine prints like the minimum amount to be able to withdraw your funds to avoid problems. 

This is a common complaint from many online punters as some online bookies are not upfront about it. Many punters would only realize too late that they have to place more bets before they can actually withdraw their winnings. 

. Set A Limit

Lastly, the best way to protect yourself online is to set a limit. You’re in control of how much and how often you’ll be placing bets. It’s best to set a limit to generally avoid all problems related to online betting. Setting a limit is simply the best thing to do.